Somali hawkers;Alshabab sleeper cells??

My “pedestrian” analysis/perspective.
Somali hawkers have literally invaded every village in rural Kenya, loved for their low prices and accessibility.
As much as i would NOT like to put a blanket condemnation on this hardworking entreprising Kenyans, our INTEL services should have a look at the issue.
DP Ruto’s Sugoi residence was allegedly attacked by a Somali hawker.What baffles many is how the hawker was a frequent visitor to the residences without raising suspicion.
Kenyans should remember we are at war with Alshabab they could take advantage.
What if some of the hawkers are al shabab sleeper cells and could be activated anytime…
Kenya’s history could change forever if maybe 4 “hawkers” struck when the DP and his family were on vacation at the home.
NIS should advice county govts to register the hawkers, or, ban hawking and advice them to open shops.
Just imagine if 10 county headquarters or university branches are attacked by the sleeper cells at the same time.How will we respond?
NIS needs to up their game, the DP’s residence isnt casually attacked without them thwarting it. It was a breach on our national security and it will go down as another failure/oversight on the part of Africa’s greatest spy agency, NIS.



pia wewe ni waria ama waria bandia kama @Karis yule mblack…


Replace Somali with Chinese then ask @Abba for a comment.

My suspicions too. Say 3 or 4 skinnies walk in a village at night carrying their a.k 47

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chinese will flood our streets in 20 years not anytime soon…

If 1 skinny fought recce for 18hours,what about 4?

basic maths bro


I hate it when I go to a pub intending to have a quiet drink then these broke turn up selling all manner of wares from watches, fake substandard phones, clothes and perfumes. I agree this is one security risk as many of these people know many sensitive areas and even very senior people and their social habits very well.

its time they are looked into…it could turn nasty in the future…

this is bullshit, and aimed at tainting the very successful somali arabs

not all of them, but the system needs to secretly profile them so as to nip the rogue ones in the bud…

So tena sio machete ali attack?
Two gunmen and a police officer were killed during an attack on Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi home on Saturday afternoon.

The gunmen attacked the home shortly after Ruto left for a political rally in Kitale.

At the time of the attack, only GSU guards and workers were at the home.

According to eye-witnesses, the gunmen were Somali.

They pretended that they were selling sheets.

The gunmen got into Ruto’s home and then attacked a GSU officer before snatching his gun.

They then ambushed a corporal in-charge of the home’s security and killed him.

The attackers are said to have gained access to the armoury after over-powering security officers whi guard the home.

8 Recce Squad officers were called to contain the situation after things got out of the hand.

Here are photos from Ruto’s Sugoi home where the attack happened.

hiyo ni story imewekwa aromat…hizo pics sio za recce squad ata

Skinny cushites you mean?

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@mukuna hata wewe. You know set up ya gicagi…that is impossible to actualize. But if they attack residential areas in towns,that would be a whole new ball game

In as much as this thread has gone down the rabbit hole, your theory does have some truth. Consider bomblast kenya , the leader came in the 90’s only to execute his plans years later. Nowadays I can’t differentiate btwn them Somalis and warias born here and those that might be trafficked. so it could be possible that there are sleeper cells especially in kiamaiko(weapons traffic) and mogoka/miraa bases for al kebab recruiting.

The fact that they said he had been coming hapo to familiarise himself just shows how much this guy kept tabs on the movements in the home. Little wonder that he attacked just when he expected the DP to be home.

In Kiamaiko its not a case of could…its a MUST, its a place they must be roaming freely and doing their business without interruption

Nani alikuwambia Chinese don’t have radical Muslims pia? They have terrorists too. So wacha kuwa bias

Nilisema wariah warudi kwao hamuskii