Somali girl shares her stroy on reddit


most somali women feel oppressed

Did most Somali women tell you this?

Kama ako pale hargeisa too bad,kama ni mayuu ,she’s one dumbass female aged 18.sinaskiaga huko kuna women welfare that works,aende apate usaidizi wamrelocate na ka kazi pap! No touchy uncle,evil step mom and a hell bent father. Sometimes you gotta kick the family in the scrots and call it quits,they can literally screw you over…some practically:D:D:D

Incest as we know it in African customs is not a taboo in Islam. In Islam your cousin or niece is fair game. In Kikuyu you will not get approval from the elders if you attempt to marry within the clan. Even distant cousin is not allowed.
If this girl is able to write all this it means she has a clue how the modern world works. All she has to do is run away.

actually , yes …

lazima ako majuu

In the comments she says she is in Minnesota and moved there as a child having been born in Kenya.

99% sure this is fake. Some bored white dude in Indiana who hates Muslims wrote that shit

Fat too, with a restraining order against him by an ex

typical islam. nothing new here.

And you believe the lady?