Somali Engineers

Based on assessment by Somali engineers sent to the border when the dispute started in 2015, Kenya border fence is installed at the wrong angle and say it could eat away a sizeable portion of Somali territory estimated to be about 15km - per regional officials who visited border.


Engineers ama surveyors?

Wanaweza pewa 15km pande ingine

Somalia hakuna engineers. Sana sana ni pirates wanawika huko. Ikizidi maji (au unga whichever) ni suicide bombers sana sana. Na ikizidi kabisa ni vita wenyewe kwa wenyewe.

Pathetic arab wasteland

Nikiona bingwa naweka m4 in burst mode, three in his butt three in his head, three in his small penal hole.

You have all that wasteland which no one is in control of and the most urgentthing when you have paused from blowing each other up is a mere 15km area bordering Kenya?
You idiots need full and total recolonization.

who is a somali engineer?
probably someone who knows how to tie his bootlaces
or someone who knows how to make himself a scrambled egg.
maybe someone who know how to spit chewed khat.

can someone please add other possible defining capabilities of a somali engineer.

Bootlaces watoe wapi and these cowardly pieces of shit use those plastic sandals we used to call Sandak.

:DGuys need to check their deep rooted hate for Somali’s. Give them back their 15km and hapa tuligongwa na hiyo “ukuta”. 3.3b and it was a fence no more than 10kms…

Good warlord or bad terrorist. There are no engineers in Somalia.

Kenya ina engineer?!!labda engineer wa matako