Somali diaspora exploiting unsuspecting Kenyan Somalis


So basically some of these men wanaweza kuwa na 100s of wives.

lakini mbona wanatafuta wale wasomali wamechapa?sijaona kitu swafii kwa hiyo doc

There is also a similar practice among Indians but in India. The men come from the U.K, U.S. etc and marry a girl, they get the dowry then disappear and leave the wives with broken hymens and hearts.

Wangeitikia nywele ngumu wangekuwa wameolewa kitamboo

Unataka kukaa kwa nyumba na mtu ametoka penye weather ni 42°C akuje limuru ashindwe kuoga na maji baridi ibidi aweke incense kwa moto na akalie anukishe nyumba na ikus-deh?

Hizi nikisikia vituko za @Bingwa na @mishty wakikuliwa kwao.

They are filthy and use a bad smelling deodorant

You’re over thinking the whole thing he he he !

Oh poor innocent hymens!

@obienga What makes you call them Kenyan Somalis? Those are Somalians living in Eastleigh being exploited by other Somalians living in the west. In short, both groups are made up of diaspora Somalians

islam is yet to evolve,now that mtu amepeana coomer na akawashwa mnataka kumuua,we were there as christians 2000Bc,nyinyi ni ng’ombe and your ng’ombish religion,for ferks sake tuko 2018AC.wacheni wanawake wenu waolewe tena ama waishi kama single mothers in peace.
cc -:@ …ama wacha tui

wako 1439 AH

Nani aje hio lanye base ya esich haijawahi anikwa hapa mzito @Starscream

Somalis are just as rotten as everybody else. They just hide well their rot

Did you watch the video? A Kenyan chief and other government officials are following up on these cases, they only do that for Kenyans, not foreign victims!

You certainly didn’t watch the video at all. Is it your assumption that they don’t follow up for Aliens (as that is exactly how they are referred to) or have you actually seen that in the video?

Your avatar and by extension you are very Ngayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Again, you are referred to the title of the post and the content of the video, surely you can’t be that dumb. However it wouldn’t be the first time I have been surprised by someone when the bar was so low I thought it couldn’t get any lower when it came to exercising a modicum of elementary reasoning.