Somali chic

Last night I saw a Somali chic selling her wares at a club in Garissa. I was really really surprised because I know how Muslims perceive so-called infidels and especially when she’s supposed to be a Muslim herself. She was cute and I really wanted to tap her ass but I didn’t because our negotiations didn’t reach a middle ground. She wanted 2.5k and I was unwilling to pay that much for punany, even Somali punany. Would pay that for Indian punany though.

Tutombane bora si bora tutombane.

Substantiate your claim with at least a map of Garisaa, thermal imagery of the mboko or binoculars zoom image of the said club.

Ulikuwa mwendantu au DRC?


Those are not somalis. Those that you found at club 3D are normal ordinary whores! No somali chic is a whore.

#WeCutThem #WeRaiseEmWell!

Many somali women are circumcised and take it from me eating pussy which has the kinembe mutilated is just boring here you jerk off…

i had zoomali putthy at islii for 200 bob only. it is not a big deal. every community has its whores.

Modern Somali ladies are just ordinary gals. I have laid several,Not whores though. Pia wao wanataka kuelewa wakambondia walijuaje wana cash crop kati ya miguu?

Ati what :D:D:D


Ati cash crop.
There is a special place in hell for talkers. Yanni nyap ni crop? :eek::D:D:D:D:D