Somali Bans All Miraa From Kenya With Immediate Effect


We should also kick all their leaders out of this country from tomorrow.

Youe title is misleading.

Exports ama imports?

mchaka mchaka. Vile mnasemanga hapa… Endeni mkikauakanga

Ûkai mûigue oona ûyû nîamenyete kuuga thiî ûkîûmaga

keenya ikianza embargo on Somalis, wenye watalia ni wengi. Somali should be very careful.

Somalia has stopped the entry of Kenya’s miraa planes into its airspace effective Tuesday, spelling doom for the sector.

Aviation minister Ali Ahmed said this on Monday without giving reasons for the decision that will stand until further notice.

“Any violation on Somali airspace and disregard of this notice will have equal consequences,” he said in a letter copied to Internal Security and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Somalia is the largest market for Kenya’s miraa; more than 16 planes carrying the plant enter Somalia every day.

Farmers had been struggling to sustain markets following miraa export bans by several European states two years ago.

I think the users of Miraa in zoomalia will be the greatest losers…how will they survive without the vital commodity?

1. Recycled chieth
2. Unataka tulie?
3. Kunywa sumu uache kusumbua

Big blow

What ambout nthe meru farmers who know nothing mbut miraa.

What reason was given by the Somali government?

The Merus can shift to growing other crops.

What will zoomalis chew when cheap miraa is no longer available from Kenya?

I agree too. Withdrawal syndrome huwa noma

Ukiona wana pull this stunt already wamepanda mimea zao !

The rebellion from miraa abusers will make them reconsider.

What other drug will the Somalians use

kuna fala tao aliuziwa miti ya zambarau magizani bila kujua akidhani ni ile miraa reddish…

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