Somalains slaved in liyba return home

@Bingwa Scrotum do you see? Despite being a Muslim the Arab still sees you as a lower race worthy of being enslaved. You Somalis were fooled by the Arabs to adopt their religion so they could divide you from the other African tribes.

Somalis also learnt to be highly racist and to adopt slavery from the Arabs! All of a sudden Somalis considered themselves superior…

Before Islam Somalis and other Africans related very cordially and even intermarried. Then mzungu came and made the divide even worse. He called North Eastern, Kenya B and C.

Because of Islam Somalis separated themselves from other Africans.

Are these threads of yours meant to unite or bring further animosity?

I watched the whole thing. They said they were caught and had to pay ransom to get out they spent thousands of euros to leave somalia for europe to make more money. Also dude in the hat was talking about young adults and praying but somehow the voice over guy flipped the whole thing.
Also @Habesha You have to search really hard to find some bullshit fake news like this but I can find enslaved Ethiopians without looking too hard its literally at the surface. So what exactly are you pushing.

What tf fuck your talking about enslaved habeshas ?? :D:D do you want me 2 show you more ?


Hizi arab tutapiga vita one day. Somalis are our friends @Habesha punguza hii vita yako

The honest truth is that there is no one more honest than a Somali. It takes time to build trust with Somalis but it is worth it. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today if it wasn’t for a Somali woman. That’s just fact

This woman is being tortured for money. She is pleading to her mom to pay. Do you even know the meaning of slavery? Its when you’re owned and made to work for someone. They’re tide up and tortured. This is called being a prisoner until your family pays. Understood? Also it seems like you enjoy watching women tortured I can post ethiopians going through this but I am not sick and demented like you.

To add to this some of the videos I seen had syrians, afghans,ethiopians and other africans in there. Libya is run by warlords no laws so obviously they’d do this to make money.

I try my best not to be tribalist, but hawa arabs we will have to make them pay one day. In the meantime tuskize mzee Trump. Anataka kuleta pesa huku kenya. Fuck the globalists

Stop lying there want Syrians afghans Ethiopians** :smiley: plus she was slaved and knows she’s getting ransomed

once a slave always a slave :D:D:D We will take care of your people in east Africa the Arabs will deal with you in their own country

Mashallah to bad Somalains are what we consider a filthy race the way we deal with them is the way we deal with any dogs

i had respect for you but imeshuka.

Ona ushenzi imejionesha. You and who?

For now it’s the habesha dominated government but I’ve got my plan for Somalains with God’s help I will exterminate this rats from our border and inside Kenyan border

Hii ndio ujinga number 1. No one cares for Ethiopians, Hata globalists wont defend you if shit hits the fan.

What do you mean ?