Solved feature

We’ve also added a Solved :white_check_mark: feature

Ati you cunt comment on a thread that’s over one month old

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Not really solved still seeing blocked accounts.

Yes. I put that feature to prevent people from resurrecting old threads.

There was a time kulikuwa na complain about it

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I think you should not let threads comment close after a month, there are people who would like follow ups. Especially on serious threads/categories. Unless you are looking at numbers of threads going up by people putting up new threads


Hii tumekataa idi Amin.

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So we won’t be able to comment on thread ya Israel war or Ukraine war after 1 month?


Weka at least 3 months. Stop killing threads so early. Umeacha kutumia Akili kama @Jimit . That’s the only guy in here who indecently exposes himself then hurls insults when he gets blocked

Look at merging similar threads too

hapo sawa
ama upange threads in chronological order izi umbwa zinataka thread za 1 year ago watafute huko page 20 kama in xenoforo

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