Solutions to avoid spread of the slum that is Nairobi.

This post in inspired by the post below.

Boniface Mwangi ako very right that Nairobi is one big slum. Infact you get kinda depressed when you get to Mombasa road from JKIA when coming back from majuu ya Europe/China or USA.

So to avoid the spread of the slum that is Nairobi and to make sure that the upcoming towns/cities are not slummed i have a few radical suggestions.

  1. Only a duly registered company with staff who are certified every 2 years can build a commercial house. NO INDIVIDUAL CAN PUT UP A COMMERCIAL BUILDING. (very good when it comes to taxation)
  2. Such a company must fulfill the below conditions
    • Must have a minimum banked cash of 150Million KSH. Such balance must have been maintained for a minimum period of 6 months.
    • Must do annual tax returns before its operating license is renewed.
  3. The relevant authorities (NCA) will be doing bi-annual categorization of the building companies using the following criterion: period in existence, cash flow, quality of buildings successfully completed, certified staff turnover, etc. Such categorization will determine the kind of projects that the company can handle.
  4. Maintain designs that potential builders can choose from. (Such a database can be shared publicly)

Any potential builder who wants to put up a commercial structure will have to follow the below steps.

  1. Identify a duly registered company who will build for him/her
  2. Identify a design for the commercial building
  3. The company will advise the cost of building what the customer requires. During this stage the company will advise on cost, design, timelines, quality of materials, etc.
  4. When step 3 is done and agreed upon then the company can apply for a building permit from the relevant authority. (To apply on behalf of the customer)

The above will eliminate fellows who wanauza shamba for 3 Million and end up putting a 5 storey building huko Kamulu or Banana. It will also eliminate these buildings where the ground floor is full of shops for rent, 1st and 2nd floor are residential houses, 3rd floor is a church/hall and the rest of the floors are incomplete (refer to Ruai and Utawala).

Bonni ni mkora we know anafuata NGO who greases his ass.

Everybody wants someone to grease their ass

Gaaaaaaaaay comment

A lot of sense. But you do that and you end up with lots of homeless people. US has a very strict building code, and you see the homeless encampments (in spite of that nation’s superb wealth). Now you can imagine how it would be in kenya. Ironically, what you are suggesting would lead to more [real] slums, because the folks who can’t cope with the code would just opt to build slums. slums are not subject to laws/approvals .et.c.