Solution to decongesting Nairobi city

Our dear old capital city is facing a humongous problem of overcrowding and overpopulation. This is putting a huge burden on the few resources and also putting a strain on neighbouring counties of Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado. There is only one solution to this problem. Relocation of people who contribute minimal benefit to the economy of the city. People who earn less than 30k per month should be chased from Nairobi. Watu warudi kwao mashambani wakalime. Especially these folks from wesdan and Nyanza ambao wamejaa Kibera, Mathare and Kawangware. Only then will Nairobi be manageable.

ama the rich should leave town for the poor…they did that In Johannesburg and see how decongested it has become…the poor run it now

Decentralization of government services ndio solution. Watu wako Nai juu pesa ziko Nai. Ata uyo msee ako kibera ako huku juu aushuka inda na baiskeli anapata 450 kwa siku. The industries are here because of the ease of access to said services. Then industries attract casuals na juu ya capitalism wanalipwa njugu so lazma wakae slum.

I was in Tokyo (population 13.9m). Nairobi (popn 4.4m) is a village still, watu kama 10m wakuje tujae vizuri

If you open up this can of worms the end result is disaster. The talk of watu warudi kwao will be a mantra that some war lords would really exploit.
We can solve congestion of the city by turning towns like Machakos into satellite parts of Nairobi. Connected by high speed trains.

Na mbona ndugu zetu Wakalenjin wako na akili kuliko wengine wetu? They don’t crowd in these big cities to live in slums while doing nothing. A mkale would rather practice subsistence farming in Uasin Gishu or Marakwet rather than come to live like a rat in Kibera. Kudos poiyos

I refuse to agree with you. We can’t import Nairobi’s problems to the neighbouring counties. Apana!

Watu wakilima watauzia nani?we have a crisis at the moment. Vitu zinaharibika kwa shamba…since Rona came round…

Team 9k salo condemns the ideas expressed in this thread in the strongest terms possible.

:D:D tom mboya na moi avenue mtatembea kama mumebanana

The national and county government should now step in and create industries to process the raw farm products

What is your altanativ?

Oh no…you did’nt type that did you? :Dour gava is v busy politicking kwa sasa.

You don’t have to use force to relocate people out of Nairobi. Have a law that only over 70 pass buses shall enter Nairobi from Thika, Machakos and Kajiado.
Watu wakipata bus safi, cheaper, inaingia Nairobi smoothly bila jam…watahama wenyewe. And the rich will be comfortable in Nairobi, the poor will be comfortable in the other towns.

Think about it this way - tom Mboya and moi avenue streets are meaningless in a city of 14m. Nairobi population density 4850 people per square km. Tokyo Toshima ward has 22,000 people per sq km, a city within a city

In Kenya you can’t enforce laws by being nice. You have to be brutal

The government could lay out some incentive programs. For example graduates who find work in the rural areas having their students loans written off or only paying back half the amount.
This has worked well in some countries. Electricity in the villages could also be made cheaper.
Some extreme measures can also be applied. Pesa kwa wazee to be paid to those only living in the villages.

Never happening. Uhuru, who will rule us for the next years through his stooges Moi or Ruto or Muhoho has a huge piece of land around the city whose value would diminish if such relocation happen. Those who control our politics also happen to control our real estate…that’s why we have embassies and NGOs housed very close to the city, on our leader’s properties. Peasants need to live close by to work for them and ensure the rich pay a premium for security and housing.

Comparing nairobi and tokyo in terms of population density is not fair. Tokyo metropolitan area occupies around 13,500 square kilometres and has a population density of around 9M, making population density per square kilometre 2k persons. Whereas nairobi occupies 696 square kilometres and has a population density of around 4M, making population per square kilometre 4k persons. Nairobi’s size is smaller and cannot hold any more people

Most kales after graduation dont stick around the cities. Two year down the line he has a truck carrying maize and wheat