Solution To Africa's Poverty? Monetize Time

Shida ya Africa ni kwamba most of its inhabitants have no sense of time. You agree to meet at 10 am the clown shows up at 12 noon.

Employees should be paid for hours worked (Wages) instead of Salaries. Install clocking machines at all work places. Miss work you don’t get paid. No hanging the coat

Time is money but the reverse is not true.

Bonobo unakulananga saa ngapi?


Kwanini sura mbovu?

Here we go again with retarded comparisons with 1st world countries. Our transportation system isn’t convenient enough to prioritize timeliness, so you can monetize all you want, utapata siku mrefu

Poor time keeping has nothing to do with poor roads. Gotta blame something as usual

Solution to Africa’s problems is simple: GOOD LEADERSHIP.

Pareto Principle (20%/80%) applies everywhere, including leadership. Throughout history and all over the world, it only takes one or few individuals to change the history of the rest of the group. Start from there.

Sasa bonobo hiki make plans around time maisha itakuwa ngumu saidi. Huko na lunch date ya 1pm … 10min to 1 unatake last corner hapo karibu na hoteli unapigwa ngeta unarudi default setting. Makosa ni ya nani?

Boss, I used to stay in Umoja estate between 2005-2008 when outering ring road was single laned and mananja road was non existent and not once did I arrive late at my work station along Loita Street. Ulikuwa unapandia gari estate inakuzungusha mpaka kangundo road, ikulete donholm round about, ikuingize jogoo road mpaka halo Ronald ngala then unakanyaga kaguu mpaka Nairobi of up. Alternatively, I would walk through Tena estate to donholm round about to catch a matatu to town. So hii yako ni gani sasa? Between traffic na office worker nani ako na akili kuliko ingine?
Having stayed in Nairobi for years, I know I am bound to experience unexpected delays in my commute. I try to work that into my schedule and it turns out fine. Tuwache excuses.

People will clock in at six and clock out at 7 but spend the whole day chatting

At the end of the day tutawashika tuu.

Kuamka mapema is no issue, timeliness is about getting anywhere and meeting your daily objectives with little head over. Kama unaplan kufika mlolongo in one hour it should be very convenient to do so from anywhere around nairobi, that’s something that can allow us to make more money and even work later into the night supported by a 24 hour economy ukijua unaeza rudi home conveniently

I hear you but what would be your sentiments where you have virtually everyone coming in late for work or appointments and blaming traffic for their lateness? Kwani wengine hupitia wapi ndio wafike on time? I have been a junior employee, a manager as well as a business owner and I can tell you for sure most Africans have no sense of time and its value. Hata leo uliza your friends what is the value of their minute. Hawajui.

Even Kenyan employees don’t know they lose a whole months salary annually by being paid using the “calendar month”

How can they realize that? That type of man-hour calculation is beyond their realm

Westernization is the reason for Africas poverty issues…mzungu will never allow a revolutionist to stay on power ona Gaddafi …patrice lumumba…so long us Mzungu ako Africans will remain poor…we cant be rich and still feed western countries minerals…Congo is by far the richest country by mineral deposit lakini poorest lets u wonder hio pesa inaenda wapi

Africans think kuamka mapema shows you’re hardworking.

It isn’t necessarily a sign of hardworking but is a pointer to an ethical outlook towards important issues. If one can’t manage his/her time as a result of waking up late ndio akutane na traffic, he/she will have a hard time convincing anyone that he will be productive the rest of the day. It is proven scientifically that early morning hours are the best at getting things done more so after a healthy breakfast. Challenge me.

I’m not talking about lateness per se I’m just talking about time management. If waking up at odd hours of the night were directly proportional to the wealth of a country, we would be up there. I’m just emphasizing ndindu’s point. A lot of manhours are wasted in Kenya. That’s why 48 minutes of a basketball game is a real 48 minutes as opposed to football where they actually found that the actual time football is played is approximately 60 min. Hizi zingine tu ni time wasting.