So lately a day or two rarely passes without hearing accidents along this stretch of road with this holidays body count exceeding 100 and to add on numerous causalities in hospitals nursing injuries.
With such incidents, everyone seems to look for quick fixes ie the government deregistering driving schools which I think is a waste of time or a political decision just to make people feel that the government is taking action but is not really tackling the real issue.
You can’t administer medication without understanding the disease. With government deregistering the driving schools, cutting the issuance of TLB licenses seems that they can’t figure out the real reason why the accidents and instead of looking for hard data and try to understand the cause.
On my personal assessment, I have come to a realization that most accidents seem to involve trucks and public buses. And the frequency of the accidents seems to rise exponentially during holiday season.
This is therefore bringing me to a conclusion that the main cause of accidents is congestion of the roads which mainly occurs when people are travelling to and from the city in the festive season.
As much as there are various other causes of the accidents congestion seem to be the main reason. Therefore, the solution lies with reducing the traffic on those main roads
The government can build two or three lane one way highway this enable the road to accommodate more vehicles hence easing the congestion. If this is not feasible the there is option two,
The second options involves stretching the railway to various parts of the countryside and ports ie Busia. This seems more feasible in my opinion.
This will reduce the number of trucks on the road since transport of goods by rail will be cheaper than road and also the number of public transport vehicles since people will use the train as means of transport.
If you can put you manage to put your hand on the data of number of accidents along the Mombasa Nairobi road you will find that since the SGR started the operation there has been marked decrease of accidents from there you can draw the conclusion that the main cause of accidents in our roads is congestion on narrow roads.
Have a happy 2018

Nditto!! Last time there was a night travel ban ndiyo hizi Noah, Wish and other private vehicles za kwenda western became prominent and even after the ban was lifted, NTSA was never able to deal with them. Looks like it’s open season for them again.

Ongeza driver exhaustion hapo.

Reconstruct the road from, Naivasha to Lodiani.

Drivers be careful. … I do respect my driver back then when I was a turnboy…
Dominic Ndeto( jays Sea Freight Movers)

I believe the road design should be reviewed:
Is the road hilly or curvy such that the vehicle’s velocity increases dramatically as it approaches that particular spot?
The next issue should be separating traffic lanes, most of the accidents on our roads are head on collisions. Separating traffic by a wide curb or fence will eliminate head on collisions and blinding glare from on coming vehicles.
If addressed, those two issues would go a long way in helping reduce accidents.
We don’t need prayers or commissions of inquiry.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
God has already provided us with the intelligence to think through our issues, a bad road cannot be wished or prayed away, it can only be redesigned!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Greed Greed.
The driver notices the brakes are faulty, what to do fika Nairobi zitatengenezwa na kampuny instead of stopping in middle of nowhere and give back fare to travellers na kameiva.