Solution for Rapists Unveiled.

Dr. Sonette has developed rapex. A tube with spikes inside, the woman inserts it as a tampon and if a man wants to rape her the penis will be stuck in the spines. Will require surgery to remove. [ATTACH=full]218786[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]218787[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]218788[/ATTACH]

Good idea!!! but it also has room for malice if the lady wanna hurt an ex or out of vengeance…

On other words, kunguru wakati mwingine hataki kuachika…


So we are supposed to have an intuition that we are about to be raped then wear it or we should wear it daily… eugh

Wat if one uses fingers to see if kanyau is safe for penetration!

Uhmmm… a rapist has time for fingering first?

Woe unto ye ukiweka ulimi ndani!

A rapist gives tongue ?!!! :oops:

Once thy’v info tht such trap is in the market, will employ some testing b4 kanyau can be loaded…

Dawa ya rape ni socialization. If you have a self respecting society with strong family values you won’t have these issues.
This thing is just a feminazi antic that no government could dare implement. *ends rant

Don’t generalise. There maybe romantic rapists out there.

enlightenment comes with precautions.

Rape has been there since the Old Testament. What are you trying to put across?

I invite you to read my comment again.

We have always been a society which loves war,rape and plunder. I don’t think this is a feminazi antic…it’s just the lesser sex finding a way to protect itself against sexual predators.

so you wake up in the morning and shove the rape thing up your snatch and walk around waiting to he raped!! Give me a fucking break.

And even if it does happen, and you successfully trap the rapist don’t you think having a snare on your rapists dick would aggrevate the rapist to harm you even more.

99% of the guys caught with this thing would be innocent fuckers just trying to get slices from disgruntled kungurus.

Fuck feminists!

Tulia boss.
I also wondered the same. :rolleyes:

Good point. He can beat the living daylights out of me…or even cut the punani to extract himself .

Why would anyone want to get slices from a psycho ? Because anyone who wears a bear trap up her kanyau must be very disturbed in the first place.
And FYI you are not innocent if you are forcefully ‘trying’ to get slices. I’m not trying to go feminist on you but a girl is allowed to say no.