Solarwinds Massive data breach

So, apparently there has been an enormous hack targeting a Solarwinds software known as Orion. Its used for infrastructure monitoring and management, meaning it reaches deep into companies, organizations, and government agencies’ core infrastructure resources. Systems we use and rely on on a day-to-day basis may have been penetrated, exposing important company and customer data. I think they are still to come to terms with the scope and severity of the breach, and I think in the coming days, months, as the full extent of the breach comes to light, lots of people will realize just how significant this is. Some of Solarwinds’ customers are listed in the picture.


I think I’ll start by unlinking my cards from all ecommerce sites, just in case.

Hapana tambua


Time for backups and recovery preparations. Should be doing this all the time, but you’ll be surprised by how many organizations are caught unprepared. Ransomware attacks might multiply by the hundreds.

Closer home , If I am not wrong, one green telecom giant uses Orion .

I think they do…

Use virtual cards that you load the amount you want and only when you need to.


A case of supply chain attack. I wonder how many firms here use the SolarWinds suite of software.