Solar Power Is Bankrupting kplc...

[SIZE=7]Epra races to strangle solar use[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]What you need to know:[/SIZE]
[li]A technician must obtain a license from the authority in order to design, install, commission, or repair a solar photovoltaic system.[/li][li]License classes STI, ST2, and ST3 are for systems with a capacity of not more than 400 watts, 2kW, and 50kW respectively.[/li][/ul]
You will need a bachelor’s degree or three courses in engineering to operate as a solar power technician if the new guidelines drafted by the energy regulator are implemented.
The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) has introduced a raft of punitive rules that could stifle the mass switch to cheap solar power by ordinary Kenyans and heavy consumers that has left Kenya Power in financial difficulties.

Just last week, the parastatal raised concerns following the switch to solar by heavy consumption industrial customers who make up 54.8 percent of its sales revenues.
The Draft Energy (Solar Photovoltaic Systems) Regulations, 2020 seek to make it harder and more expensive to manufacture, import, install or maintain solar components and systems and make consumers stick to the expensive and unreliable national power grid.

[SIZE=6]Install solar grids[/SIZE]
According to the regulations, a technician must obtain a licence from the authority in order to design, install, commission or repair a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

The permits are granted, based on the capacity of the system to be installed.

Licence classes STI, ST2 and ST3 are for systems with a capacity of not more than 400 watts, 2kW, and 50kW respectively.

Only a technician with a class ST4 licence will be allowed to install solar grids of any capacity.

To put a check on the number of people that can obtain these permits, technicians for basic solar grids must have completed primary school.

They should also have additional training certification in electrical and solar PV systems.

Those in the second category must have completed secondary school. They should have training in electronics and solar energy systems.


A bachelor’s degree is a must if you want to make a career out of installing solar grids. You will also need relevant experience in electrical engineering.

[SIZE=6]Class SC4 permits[/SIZE]
For contractors to import or sell solar PV components, they must obtain classes SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4 and SM licenses from the regulator for grids not exceeding 400w, 2kW, 50kW respectively.

Meanwhile, importers with class SC4 permits will be allowed to sell and install any solar grid system.

Only those with a class SM licenses will be allowed to import parts that are used to manufacture solar PV components and systems.

Solar technicians will part with Sh2,250 to Sh6,000 in order to get and renew their licenses, while contractors will pay Sh3,000 to Sh6,000.

The contractors must take insurance policies of between Sh1 million and Sh10 million.

Solar operators will be slapped with a daily fine of Sh10,000 if they delay renewing their licenses, Sh20,000 if they do not issue a completion certificate for a project, and the same amount for failing to provide a warranty for installation.

Epra said regulating the industry would ensure solar components and systems meet approved standards.

“In consultation with stakeholders, the authority has developed regulations. The goal is to streamline the manufacture, importation, distribution, design, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and repair of solar photovoltaic systems and components,” Epra Director-General Pavel Oimeke said.

“This is through licensing players in the solar photovoltaic chain and enforcement of approved standards for the industry.”

Heavy power consumers that have switched to or incorporated solar energy into their systems include Africa Logistics Properties, Mombasa Airport, Icipe, London Distillers Ltd, Williamson Tea, and Kapa Oil Refineries.

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KPLC is very stupid. Very stupid. Very stupid. Wajinga. Stima inapotea kila siku, halafu mteja akipiga simu, wanakawia. As if they are doing you a favor when you purchase their services! Na wakija, they charge you for tightening two loose screws in the meter box, which was their fault in the first place! For years they have doctored bills, overcharged customers, made it hell on earth at their customer care desks, God forbid you are absent from your house for a few months, you come back and find yourself disconnected and the reconnection process is an ordeal. Yusilesi! Those of us who went solar those years back are never going back to that life of chronic blackouts from guys who are not bothered. They think they are doing their customers a favor by offering poor services at prohibitive cost! All kplc employees from the meter reader, to customer care deskhand, to the engineer, to the manager: they think KPLC is a government organization offering an expensive essential service to hapless victims of optionlessness. That defines their core value. Self important. Solar power on the other hand is a willing servant, without questions. Goddamn it; some installations even allow one to monitor, control, and manage the system remotely from anywhere on the globe. The systems can automatically switch on a generator when needed, or allow grid supplimentation (on those days that kplc wakes up and accidentally leaks some flimsy watts into the line). Kplc is yusilesi. The internal billing cooks are now already on the token circus. Last I checked, a token bought, tokens lost, power off, wierd charging schemes, you pay 2 bob for units 1 to fifty, then 13! for unit 50 to what?! Why? How do you punish someone for purchasing more of your product? WTF?! Jeez. Eish. Shouldn’t you reward them?

Heheh morning rant nayo… They had it coming. Kenjen is next year are planning to directly supply big clients bypassing kplc who are unable to do that consistently… Kplc’s day has come, walicheka TELKOM ya landlines na POSTA. TELCOM always felt invincible, I remember my mzee requiring a phone line and paying hefty sums to get a landline and waiting 2 yrs, and when it came the one day alichelewa kulipa kidogo it was given to another who had paid heaftier Sums for longer…

When the day of the monkey’s death arrives, all trees become slippery…that day for KPLC has been long coming and it’s dawning

mungu moja mimi nitaweka solar …mtu aje kuniongelesha meffi…nitampiga risasi kwa matako

you read my quote somewhere…you are a thief

Oooh really, coz events happening is only original to one person

Enyewe kenya ni lanye ya luthuli,kutombwa tu kila saa kila shimo:D:D:D

Kesho nakimbia supreme court that thing is unconstitutional. There was no public participation.

EPRA should be scrapped because of its backward policies, like this one. Who does that? Most countries are encouraging use of solar.
The regulation of fuel prices is another stupid thing.
Next you will see them discouraging importation of electric vehicles…
Anyway you cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

Wakenya wataeka tu stima hawaitaji ruhusa ya mtu kabisaa!!

Stop being simple. Mnadanganyika haraka. KPLC is being bankrupted by Corruption, not solar power.

Solar is a non issue in Kenyan power. See the facts per KPLC. A little cross checking of facts will show the journalist doesn’t know what he is talking about

Naona unafunga own goal hapa… Energy Ministry iko under Ruto through that proxy called Keter…tell us more about this corruption you speak about.

This is what @hawaaian from kplc is trying to show with his thumbnail.
Of course it is from kplc, and he too is from kplc. Even if only 1% of consumption is power (I doubt this figure), that is the 1% who know what reliable power is.

Epra is trying to treat diarrhea by blocking the anus.

Hebu fafanua this diagram. Does it show the the energy mix consumed in Kenyan homes and industries, or the mix that feeds into KPLC grid for resale to the public?

Stop being simple. Mnadanganyika harala. KPLC is being bankrupted by Corruption, not solar power.

endelea kukimbizana na Ruto, the people who are looting the energy sector wanafurahi sababu huwajui, unadhani ni wengine si wao

KPLC are thieves. They sent me a bill of 1.2 million. Nlienda this week kuchukua statement ndio niwapeleke kotini wanilipe 4 mirrions ju ya hii ujinga wakakataa…

The world is moving towards renewable energy and kplc is just concerned about their losses.

True. Climate change is number one priority in any government in this day n age. Thing is, KPLC has a bloated personnel most of whim have been employed through nepotism, connections etc…If they really want to go back to profits they MUST trim the workforce