Softcore Revolution Taking Root In Kenya Before Full Blown Mass Street DEMOs Come 2020

King Kaka has set the pace and shortly after Colonel amezindua yake na kutusi DYNASTIES. To HELL with Uhuru Macho Nyanya. We are taking the destiny of Kenya on our own hands.

Feel the mood in Kenya. TUMECHOKA NA WEWE


[SIZE=7]Softcore Revolution … macho nyanya[/SIZE]
he only revolution itakuwa kenya iko pare twitter, on the ground things are different

before the restoration of multiparty in 1991-92,people talked of change and walked the talk,i could see akina mzae meeting with other neighbours kwa shopping centres wakiongelelea ford kenya…kwa kbs people were speaking and encouraging one another to fight on…city parks people could assemble despite the govt intimidation…

Well,sai everyone i meet telling me about king kaka’s song,all they are talking about is sijui how many youtube views it has had in sijui how many hours…my colleagues have it on their status updates and are actively commenting on twitter and fb posts concerning it but hapa kwa office hakuna iyo discussion…

so ata iyo revolution mnasema itaishia tu hapa ktalk na KOT…

My Flight to my Mother Land will land at the JKIA on January 11, 2020.

To CJ @dkmaraga, @Kenyajudiciary, my lawyers, KNCHR and @lawsocietykenya: Court Orders must be OBEYED. Ensure COMPLIANCE with Justice Mwita’s ORDERS of December 14, 2018.

#MIGUNAMIGUNA #RevolutionNow

tunamuendea vile tulimlaki matiba kwa airport


thiongore leta alternative

Pia konyagi 1 alisema 2020 tutamtambua

Show me just one country led by Blacks that is developed and don’t mention Rwanda iko nyuma ya Kenya miaka mingi sana. Haiti, Entire Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic. Blackman blames whiteman for colonization and wars but its is not the Whiteman’s mistake that Africa is poor. Africans are SIMPLY LAZY & MEDIOCRE

… And?

A white man speaking sense.