Apparently the case was withdrawn after the victim accepted 5k as compensation…

[SIZE=6]Parliamentary orderly charged with sodomising male student[/SIZE]

Feb. 26, 2018, 12:00 pm

A Parliamentary security officer has been charged with sexually assaulting another man.

The charge sheet seen by the Star on Monday noted that Vitalis Ndambuki assaulted a male student on February 10.

“At about 00:400 hrs within Nairobi county, Ndambuki unlawfully used his penis to penetrate the anus of the male student,” police charge read.

He was also charged with committing an indecent act with an adult contrary to section 11 of the sexual offences act.

Further, Ndambuki was also charged with impersonating a public officer.

“He falsely presented himself to be a person employed in the public service as a police officer and assumed to arrest the victim,” it read.

But appearing before the courts on Monday, Ndambuki did not take a plea saying they had solved the issue outside the courts.

He withdrew the case through his lawyers after the complainant confirmed that they had settled the issue.

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Only explanation that makes sense

This is rape/assault which is a criminal case. That is the state vs the accused.
Unless the state drops the case, there can’t be compensation. If anything, it would be a fineand/or jail time.
This kind of plea bargaining is incorrect; if indeed it is that.
A criminal case can NEVER be dropped after “compensation”.

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