SODOMITES Not Happy With Russian Warships Around Cuba!, Sodomites Think They Own This World

Beautiful scenes from Cuba

You’re retarded like @Simiyu22



Soma monroe doctrine

Hii ni nyambo ya mayai kama ya perdition

Russia with their sole sickly Kuznetsov carrier can’t match Uncle Sam’s more than 10


Fvck the sick Sodomites with their Silly doctrines. They are cormfotable palying war games in the Eastern parts of the world but frown when others want to do the same in their Western sektor. Maumbwa,

What will they do to Russia, Sink the ships?


Soma the cuban missile crisis

I watched tah documentary eons ago. It almost triggered Nuke launches. But I still support Russia.

How long do Sanctions take to mature. We were told that Russia will collapse by the end of 2022.


Wewe kwa hii vita ya drones na loitering munitions hujaona vile vitu kama aircraft carriers, tanks are almost obsolete?


No one in europe wants a war apart from the leftist elites who are losing elections in europe, Nato will backoff quietly in ukraine and the status quo will remain


Russia’s biggest problem is its economy. Their nominal gdp is around $2T while China is 18 and the US is 28. Bila pesa ni myambo ya mbwa

They have fuel to run those machines, they gave grains to feed their masses , they have loyal soldiers brainwashed enough against homosexual imperialists. What they lack is dollars which are simply useless papers once the United snakes of americunt demises


Bana. In this era ya hypersonic khinzals and sarmats that can go round the south pole someone still thinks aircraft carriers ni kitu? Aircraft carriers were meant for libyans and iraqis and such third world armies.


Aircraft carriers are sitting ducks in today’s era of space weapons. Rods of the gods are capable of releasing a lot of kinetic energy comparable to a nuke but with zero fallout. Space may already have been weaponized but hutuambiwi. There’s no way of stopping falling space tungsten rods


Juzi there was a lot of noise about a recently launched russian satellite.

And also juzi there was no noise on the damage of an aircraft carrier by houthis.

Intelligence says the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower has sailed to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This follows announcement of successful hits by Yemeni forces.

This is an unexpected and major move, despite the US Army claiming that there was no attack. Let people draw their own conclusions. Mine is houthis attacked and caused enough damage to an aircraft carrier enough to make it cease operation and flee to the nearest friendly port. Houthis. Capabilities evolve. Now what about a state like russia?

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Russian, Kenyan and other warships should be free to sail to any part of international waters like the US does, including hapo outside Washington.

Monroe doctrine is dead as a dodo. Venezuela na Cuba hawatambui hao fraud superpower.

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You are very right, those things are sitting ducks. Modern warfare coupled with combined arms operations and serious command and controls renders those carriers useless. Investing on submarines capable of nuclear strike is way better. Most people are ignorant and follow US propaganda.