Socialite Huddah under house arrest in Dubai


Lover for the fast life finally catching up with another socialite.

Not sure how true the rumour is though

Be careful who you are associated with…
Wednesday, 23 June 2021 – Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is reportedly in trouble after being linked to fraud.
According to reports, the socialite landed in trouble after her on-and-off boyfriend, Apocalypse Bella, was arrested in the United States of America by FBI on March 18, 2021, for conspiring to steal over Ksh 1.5 billion ($1.4 Million) in Covid-19 relief loans.
Sources whispered to ‘Tea Master’ Edgar Obare that the FBI is currently investigating all those involved with Bella and since Huddah happens to be close with the suspect by virtual of being his girlfriend, she has been put under house arrest as investigations continue.

Comes with the territory.

How else will a country girl afford Dior except hoeing herself to wash wash guys. I’m not surprised.

Am waiting for MGayTOW’s input on the subject matter. What say them

yaani mtoi alizaiwa na mzazi akamuita Apocalypse Bella

The same Edgar Obare that runs an extortion ring?

It’s time media should start to call a spade a spade. A socialite is glorifying umalaya. Waseme the whore/prostitute was put under haus arrest.

mbio za sakafuni…

pilsner loading in 5…4…3…2…


@Sambamba unapeleka @Coronatities wapi this weekend? I hope it’s some place nice. She doesn’t do cheap locals.

Labda mzazi alikuwa karibu kufa:D:D

Some of these women huambiwa avoid these flashy oga hawaski. Kesi unaskia FBI iko ndani sio mchezo.

Keep in mind casess investigated by the FBI have a 95% conviction rate. The girl should be worried

These women are more than innocent bystanders, they serve as drops, mules and means of getting to the high in the society like royals in high places

Ni socialite yupi juzi alikua asema Kirubi alimlipia a first class ticket for an undisclosed business??

$1.4m should be around ksh147m