Socialite Haentel Wanjiru( Mali ya Kingi) and her broke boyfriend when she was struggling

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He probably saved for two year s, took her to a five star hotel in Malindi, snd that’s where she met the governor. Maisha ni ngumuuuu. Usiwa peleka mumama wako pahali kuna potential competitors. She will find your replacement


Kanakaa kunuka jasho.

Only fatties sweat unctrollably

Enyewe pesa ni sabuni. Akiwa na huyo nyangau anakaa tu Wanjiru wa Kamakis, lakini baada ya kupatana na Kingi anakaa Kim Kardashian hivi


How do you establish that from a photo…???


Wealth will often transform individuals …

Any idea what Veronica Shikhwekwe Sidika looked like BEFORE fame and fortune …??? :blush:


Inadepend sana bro. Girlfriend wangu nikiwa this young was madly in love and I never took her for dates completely. Ilikua anapika kwa nyumba nikishiba namfinya kama nimeenda ulevi zangu. I never bought shit in the house and never paid rent. Kuna jirani alikua na discovery, high ranking police man alitry kunislice lakini wapi. Eventually though kiliniramba. I broke up with her after tuanze kusumbuana and she was pressuring me for a kid and planteshen but hiyo haikua imecross akili yangu then. Months later I saw her taking pics next to a very sleek range rover vogue nikajua tu hii imeenda, and your guess is good as mine. Iliniuma but in my heart i wished her well juu i had already smashed her thousands if not millions of times. Lakini I loved her for real. Madem wakianzanga kukaribia 30 ndio wanaona pesa sana. Huyo ninja hapo probably ndio alichukua the most premium slices before bwana governor.


Have a look again at the former photo, Amejipaka make-up in a very wrong way, changing her hue and tone, weave inakaa kiota ya ndege, hajajua kunyoa eye brows, you ask me, hajanyoa futhi na makwapa. How do you expect her not to stink


Haentel Wanjiru anatesa sana pale instagram. Rome, Milan, Monaco, London, Dubai ……… Prada, Gucci…….nakwambia being a woman is like playing life on easy mode. While men have to work for every single penny, all a woman needs to do is show up at the right place and she’ll get to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Sasa kama uyu Mary Nyambura Kahuha (that’s her real name) just happened to be at the right place at the right time and got snatched pap kama ndizi. If she played her cards right before being dumped by the governor, she should have kwachuad 100 million minimum and set herself up for life. The problem is that most women don’t think/plan ahead when they find themselves in these situations. The smart ones make sure to get a gov’t appointment where they can guarantee themselves stability for life (serikali a smart woman can pita na a few billions). Unfortunately, most women are so deep into the soft life that it clouds their decision making skills. There’s no reason why drinking Moët should make you unable to plan accordingly.

Some women Kama Lola Hannigan’s mum taught her to properly snatch the highest bidder. I assume it’s similar to those women who go to coast hunting for wazungus. In my opinion, women have no reason to suffer.


There’s just one caveat: the wall.

A woman can coast by on easy mode until she starts losing her looks. Once her looks are gone, she won’t have the goods to entice rich suitors, especially with a new crop of hot chics turning 18 every year.

That’s all a woman has: a few good years. Then her looks will start fading. The number of buyers will also start declining. Let’s be honest: no one wants to boff a 35-year-old momo with a vagina that smells like tilapia. Well, no one except @Yuletapeli & @Heke.


My point is that a smart woman already knows this and makes plans to hit the jackpot during this short window she has.

Good luck telling an instagram bimbo to invest her money instead of going on holidays and dining at high end restaurants.

A woman’s best opportunity to escape poverty without working hard occurs when she is young and stupid. She smartens up at 30+ when all the best suitors have moved on and she has bastards in tow.

The biggest mistake women make is thinking that they can leverage their looks forever. What they don’t know is that the type of man they can attract at 24 is very different from the guy they can attract at 34. After 24, the quality of men starts to drop gradually and it gets harder and harder to compete with younger women for rich men.


You like violence!

I’ll go for this Shikwekwe before I can touch the one with an adjusted body with a ten foot pole.


Read my first comment and I said all of these indirectly.

Your fascination with wealth is astounding, i was expecting a different twist in the end.

Hizi pesa zote mnaongelea are as good as dirt when reality sets in when it does as it will, leave alone the wall, if you can’t form meaningful relationships both genders life ahead will be depressing.

All my points zinaangukia eardrums za bonobo’s and bouncing off, as will remain, a rich man’s lust and a lady’s hypergamous nature will always remain in a constant tide of disarray.

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The same applies to men who engage in wash wash. Mtu anakimbia kununua mercedes na kuhamia kilimani. Kila week ako in lounges from thursday to monday. After the deals dry up, standards collapse. Kama kevin obia tuliona mpaka anafungiwa nyumba.


True. Huwa naambia watu huku that even men hit the wall. In fact, unlike women, men can hit the wall all their life. A man’s wall is financial. Haiya, Obia alisota?? That guy na ingine called Jay Staxx used to flex sana on IG.

Though watu wa wash wash hukuwa tricky. Unapata mtu anaflex popping bottles na net worth yake ni kama $100k ama $200k max akiuza kila kitu. Its good money but not worth splurging like an idiot especially vile wash wash ni biz volatile.

I know someone alikuwa anakafunga for a few years halafu anasota na bado yeye huishi ivo.


Same applies to tenderpreneurs, politicians


That is typical Life’s Water that passes under the Bridge …
You find Love and Loose Love …
And loss of anything has its share of trauma …
But You move on …
Because that’s what happens in life …