Socialite culture is killing our black queens

The late Martin Ngatia of Kenya Red Alliance MHSRIP said, Kenyan youths have lost hope so they’re clutching at any straw to make a livelihood. For young women it is through sponyos and becoming a socialite. I have been young and now I am not so young. Being a woman is already objectifying enough without you as a woman objectifying yourself. Due to my faith and upbringing I can never even wear something indecent inside my house. Let alone outside and that’s how I have always been because my parents couldn’t entertain even big earrings let alone tight or scanty clothes and neither did the schools I went to. I remember in campus this lady whose dad would drop her scantily dressed then she’d have to go change into something decent bcz scanty dress wasn’t allowed. I would always wonder how a dad could allow his daughter to dress like that when I was having fights with my dad over earrings and ear piercings. At my house even hairstyles were dictated. I am saying this to say parents do entertain this lack of modesty we see in women nowadays.

I digress, I was talking about female sexual objectification. So male socialization dictates that women are sexual objects, even if you are the most conservatively dressed woman in the planet men will still try to objectify you and sexualise you. You can wear a polo neck. A long skirt, stockings and still be sexually harassed. Now if that’s the case what happens when you put your sexuality out there like all these young girls are doing nowadays in hopes of becoming socialites like wakina Shakila and pink chebet and many more? As in bora uko na matako sizeable bass, it’s your ticket to fame and money so you are off to the races. Male attention is the most fickle thing ever and if you hope to capitalise on it to make a livelihood especially when you have no other talent you are in for a rude awakening.

All these socialites don’t exactly have a good life, they may have a little bit of money but their lives are not the best life that you would ever want for someone you love. Youth is very fleeting. It will pass and maybe you will have children and even if not you will live to be old. The stuff you are putting out now to chase clout will still be there. Go watch the documentary After Porn to see what porn stars go through when they leave the porn subculture and try to acclamatise to normal society. One woman said, somebody recognized her at her daughter’s PTA meeting and soon enough everyone knew who she was in spite of moving across the country and changing her looks.

There is no worse life for a woman than living or making a livelihood based on the whims of men. I learnt this very early because I saw what happened to the ‘sexy’ girls who developed early like in primary school. They faced alot of sexual harassment yet they were still kids. Women need to move away from putting their sexuality and their bodies out there so as to benefit from the lustful nature of men because it never ends well. Just ask the late Sharon Otienos mom left raising 2 kids after a short stint of sugarbabying from her daughter went awry. IT NEVER ENDS WELL.

Women are becoming more and more objectified to the point where even talented female rappers and musicians especially in black communities must get boob jobs and Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries to make it in the entertainment industry because no label will sign them unless they have sex appeal no matter how talented they are.

I am saying all this to say, sexual objectification is the worst, most insidious yet most subtle form of oppression women suffer in male patriarchal societies and when we as women objectify ourselves by twerking online, dressing scantily and selling our brand by putting our sexuality out there, we are playing into the hands of our enemies and we infact become our very own worst enemies. Whatever God endowed men with as a means of making it, He also endowed to women, let us not reduce ourselves to sexual objects to make it in life. All we need to do is apply ourselves and the world is our oyster. We got this. We must move away from the toxic androcentric systems that reduce us to nothing but maids, baby making machines and free child care , sex objects to or for men. We must transcend those labels to self actualize. The world has already shortchanged us enough let’s not shortchange ourselves by falling into that trap of selling ourselves as sex symbols that will override everything else that’s so amazing that God put in us. Remember the curse put on the work of Adam did not apply to Eve, so it’s actually easier for a woman to make it financially in life than a man if only she will apply herself and reject the toxic Mano sphere troupe that she’s only good for one thing. The most popular socialite to ever have lived the late Marilyn Monroe, dubbed the sexiest sex symbol of the world said, for the most part I am miserable. Then she committed suicide in her 30s. She had it all, the looks, the sex appeal, money, the best husbands and she was even a girlfriend to the late John F. Kennedy. She was miserable and she committed suicide at the prime of her life. The patriarchy will use your own looks, your own sex appeal and your own beauty to destroy you under the guise of they are celebrating you and you are their darling. It was that way more than half a decade back and it’s even more true now. Not fall for the bait. You don’t need to be known to men based on your sex appeal to make it in life.

End of rant.

This is the only socialite I support

The “lustful nature of men”

Men are not lustful in nature. It is you women who pervert men. Yo sexualize yourselves and paraded yourselves out there for all men to see. What do you expect to happen?

Ngatia, yule mzee alikuwa anakashifu Uhulu kila uchao, alituaga?

the problem is ‘sexual harassment’ definition is not standard and fluctuates with women’s desires and interests. Any interaction between males and females who are not related and are normal will always have some sexual vibes of different strength. It might be the reason in the past, all the way to biblical times society was stratified into male and female roles.

i have seen women get sexual when they hear a man talk, work on something etc, men have not complained of sexual its time women acknowledge as much as we are the same, their are differences, its downplaying those differences that wastes women.

No one is forcing any female to wear skimply, flood social media with sexual content,they are doing it by themselves and maximazing on the attention, any advice contrary to that sounds stupid, only to learn later it was a lie.

as usual with women its all because of men,even soon Vera Sidiqa will tell us how men mislead her…but its women telling girls in subtle ways kusota na una mali katikati ya miguu wewe ni mjinga.

I thought I had heard it all…waaah

Do you know that Moslem countries where all women wear the Abaya have rape cases? That men rape babies and animals?Don’t blame women for your wicked nature. FYI most fashion DESIGNERS who create those scanty provocative clothes women wear are MEN.

So uvaangi jeans. Nothing as unappealing as how those mamas of ocha dress. There was a time it was criminal for women to have braids in Kenya. It was called piece or something like that. Those who did were categorized as sluts. Na hii ni campus gani ulienda bana?


Sina hata jeans kwa wardrobe yangu. I used to wear trousers at some point briefly but after living in a hot and humid place for a long time, I got used to no trousers and no jeans and I just find them so uncomfortable, I am huge on comfort, I’m those people who carry big bags for short trips to ensure I won’t be inconvenienced by not having what I am accustomed to if I am at home, of course if I was doing something manual I’d have a hard time in dresses but since I don’t I’m pretty OK with out.

It was criminal to have dreadlocks bcz of Association with Mungiki.

Nilienda campus ulikuwa na less people than the high school I went to. So it was easy to monitor what people wore. Guys were expelled for wearing studs and dreads.

Of course I don’t expect you to agree. Because women believe that they are blameless, perfect, never do anything wrong, they’re always right. Men are always the aggressors and they always the victims of the aggression. They’re sugar and spice and everything nice. Such lovely innocent little angels.

Fact. Just like women do not get pregnant on their own. Men do not pervert themselves. They’re perverted by women.

A man will see skimpily dressed women everywhere, who leave very little to imagination, everywhere his eyes are fed on titties and crotches, and sexual tension will build within himself. He’s human after all. And that is how they end up raping babies and animals for those who can’t control themselves.

But women will never agree that they play a major role in the perversion of the boychild. Because through their skimpy dressing they do benefit a lot. They’re able to trap validation, attention, financial resources, employment, job promotions, sponyos, etc. They want “my dress my choice” without having to deal with the consequences, and without having to take accountability. After all, when shit hits the fan, women will just play the victim as they’re accustomed to, point a finger and heap all the blame on men.

FYI. If men are lustful by nature, then you should know that women are hoes by nature as well.

There’s no excuse for raping a baby. No justification. NONE. I don’t care if women parade themselves naked in front of you. You are not an animal. God gave you SELF CONTROL and SELF RESTRAINT.

Men have a problem. And it’s not women. Women are just a scapegoat. Are you aware that most murders are committed by men and about 80% or more of these murders are men killing other men? Will you also blame women for that? You like singing how women lack accountability but men are the worst. Another person can not make you do anything if you decide not to do it. It’s called being a responsible and autonomous ADULT.

Of course there’s no justification for such acts but since women don’t want to take accountability on their part, they just want to continue playing holy mary and heap all the blame on men, the consequences will always be there for them to deal with.

Women can sexualize, objectify and parade yourselves naked they want. After all, they’re happy to do so when it’s convenient for them and it’s bringing in some benefit. But again, the consequences will always be there for you to deal with.

And mind you am now blaming women rather I’m calling them out. But y’all just play the victim card every damn time. Everyone knows that women made men the scapegoats for all their woes, poor choices and life’s mistakes.

Let’s talk about murders as well. Around 50 million babies are aborted worldwide each year. That’s more than 1.5 billion lives in the last 50 years. Will you blame Men for that? Do women sleep with animals? Oh yes they do with dogs. Do women rape small boyz? Oh yes we were raped by our househelps and aunts when growing up. But hey, what do I know. Women never do anything wrong.