Socialite arrested for fraudulent transfer of dead sponsor’s V8

Sunday, July 4, 2021 – Struggling singer and socialite, Sheila Wairimu, popularly known as Shay Diva, was arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing a dead businessman’s Toyota Prado V8.
Sheila was having an affair with the deceased Asian tycoon identified as PJ Dodhia Kumar.
The tycoon’s family launched a complaint with the police after they discovered that the suspect had changed ownership within four days after Kumar’s death.
She reportedly accessed his NTSA account after which she transferred the ownership of the high-end vehicle to herself.
According to the late tycoon’s wife, Wairimu had only been given the vehicle to use and return by her deceased husband since they were having an affair.

Detectives tracked the middle-aged lady to Kitengela and towed the vehicle to Buruburu police station.


:D:D:D:D:D Hio video Kenyans will never let her forget !

Hata kama angekuwa amepewa hiyo gari, mwanamke akitumia kuma kupata gari, you would think she would be more humble about how she carries herself around that car.

Huyo Kumar alikua amebebewa akili kwa kuma



Police officers tracked down Wairimu to Kitengela and towed the vehicle to Buruburu Police Station and later to Kitale Police Station.

“She initially made attempts through lawyers to block us from pursuing the matter but failed.
She came on Friday in an attempt to recover the vehicle but we arrested her instead,” Kihara added.

Upon her arrest, Wairimu stated that the vehicle had been transferred to her without her knowledge. :D:D:D

She will remain in custody until Monday, July 5, when she will be arraigned in court.

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Towing fees hapo jo! Kitengela to Buruburu

ati kitengela to Buruburu, soma vizuri ITS TOWING LANDCRUISER V8 FROM BURUBURU TO KITALE :D:D:D:D:D:D

BUT huyo dem ni fala after transferring angeuza immediately at half price . saa hii angetoka na bond ya 100k na considering Muhindi mdosi gari lazima ilikuwa ya Toyota Kenya , V8 ya 2020 ni 22 million so angeuza 12 million harakaharaka afiche pesa kwa shimo kitengela ama kwa Trust foundation yangu .

Sasa kazi niku tafuta number za watu wa nduthi wale aliwacha kusalimia