Social Status in Kenya

What is considered Middle Class, Upper Middle Class and Upper Class in Kenya?

According to chatgpt, it is…
[li]Middle Class: The middle class in Kenya is generally defined as those who earn between KES 50,000 and KES 150,000 per month (approximately USD 460 to USD 1,380). They are typically employed in skilled professions such as teachers, nurses, mid-level managers, and other professionals.[/li][li]Upper Middle Class: The upper middle class in Kenya is generally defined as those who earn between KES 150,000 and KES 500,000 per month (approximately USD 1,380 to USD 4,600). They are often professionals with advanced degrees, high-level managers, or business owners.[/li][li]Upper Class: The upper class in Kenya is generally defined as those who earn more than KES 500,000 per month (approximately USD 4,600). They are typically high-net-worth individuals, business owners, or top executives in large corporations. They tend to have significant assets and investments, and their lifestyle is characterized by luxury and exclusivity.[/li][/ol]


Maoni hatuna. Uliza Chatgpt maoni.

The Kenyan context on shit … is usually filled with alot of grey areas. Nothing is ever the way it seems to be. There is always an angle to everything…

Kshs. 500,000 p.m Ni peanuts Kwa wakulima wa horticultural crops kule mashinani.

Kuna wakati kitunguu ilikuwa ina make vijana overnight millionaires uko sides za kieni/nyeri…unashindwa ni nini unafanya Nairobi :cool:

Yaani umeenda chatgpt kuuliza maswali alafu after imekupea umekuja kijiji kuconfirm? Kweli mnastruggle na content wadau. :D:D:D

Bora uanze Na market survey to know what your target market needs then interview them on the peak periods of much profitable horticultural crops, Kisha utengeneze a 12 month planting program, utaangukia pesa nzuri Sana since you will concentrate on peak periods of each crop,when the prices are at their highest points.

Most farmers hufanya blunder ya kupanda Kwanza ndio aende kutafuta soko.

Upper class, ongeza another zero to the 500k. When we say high net worth we are talking about someone who can buy a range Rover without going to the bank for assistance.

@captain obvious on suicide watch