Sober African leader telling the French president and the people some truth

This is a speech the Gananian President made in the presence of the French president and in it has some truth.If we only now walk the talk

Kuna yule Burkina Faso student who asked Macron why there are more French soldiers in Burkina Faso than Burkina Faso students in France. Macron alijam na kusema she should be grateful those soldiers are protecting them

tuliona brigade in …

Africans for Africa.

Kama huna bundles kojoa ulale

What a great speech!! I think Ghanians are lucky to have such a visionary president.

wacha tuseme ukweli. Your GDP is not even close to USD75bn and you’re there yapping to the French president about how policies are not important. Good policies have kept Kenya afloat despite the many odds. This man is the Magufuli of West Africa. pulling random moves to look patriotic

:D:D:D kali sana.

I think you missed the gist of his speech.

the gist of his speech was time wasting

I think he is talking to the Ghanaians here more than to the French President. But the path is in his hands. Can he chart it. Or is it empty rhetoric. So far he has held office for 11 months, which is more than enough to begin a tangible movement. I wonder if there is a step in his country to that direction.

That flew completely over your head.

never mind

Kenya is the repository of “unpatriotic thoughts and mindsets” Our hands are open to the Chinese and other equally unscrupulous donors. we are comfortable raking debts upon debts upon debts and imprisoning locals to poverty. No real attempt is made to lift the local Kenyan out of poverty. Free primary and secondary education, for example, are fictitious campaign promises that are geared to hoodwink the citizen but tweaked to benefit cartels and economic thugs.

The government will only undertake grand projects that will generate a significant cut for the ruling family. Talk of Road construction, Railway Construction, etc etc. Projects where ruling families are strategically positioned to receive billions of funds! Government will not, for example, provide unlimited resources to agricultural extension officers to ensure that farmers benefit from the most recent agricultural research. Yet agriculture is the backbone of our economy.

Economic thugs on the other side are hiding their ill-gotten wealth in physical buildings in prime regions in Kenya’s capitals but these can only attract 20% occupancy.

Mambo ni pole pole.
Problem with us is that we want things to move quickly yet we don’t have the achieve everything you have stated we will need the loans and debts which you are to some extent you argument is somehow self defeating.there is nothing wrong with accumulating debts,as long as we we have good debt management,and there is actual value for the same

I have no problem with debts myself. My point is that the government needs to create real value where the largest beneficiary is the mwananchi and not tenderpreneur. We have millions of poor Kenyans edged out of the system by lack of jobs, funds, and opportunities. The government does very little to tackle social problems that limit access to funds and opportunities by the most unfortunate.

In most cases the amount of funds that are required to empower and build capacity in our people are less that those that are used to develop infrastructure. Take for instance the Youth Enterprise Development Fund…a very good idea but very little effort has been done to build capacity in the youth and ultimately increase its uptake. The government only blames the youth for not applying for the fund and sort of labels them as lazy. I would expect that fund to be supported by forums, contest, awareness programmes even in high-schools and colleges, case studies, national awards, statistics on impact, proper monitoring and evaluation, and even grants. Instead it is there for those that want to apply. But you realize if we did this there would be very little funds for tenderpreneurs bcoz these programs mostly benefit the mwananchi directly and the impact is measurable.

Today it is a download a form and apply for loans sort of approach and anyone who doesn’t is lazy na hawezi saidika!

I have attended youth fund trainings and seminars, helped youths apply and have seen many success stories. We have the national youth council, which was elected by the youths from the constituency level, the top tier management led by a guy from Ruaraka constituency, are busy utilising it’s budget via benchmarking tours instead of empowering the youths. No elections have been conducted since 2011. The top tier management is composed of the usual complainers.

Very nice…but very little light is given to this… And we need more even for late-adopters and laggard to join ship. There are many misconceptions that surround this program more transparency is required.

the top tier management led by a guy from Ruaraka constituency, are busy utilising it’s budget via benchmarking tours instead of empowering the youths. No elections have been conducted since 2011. The top tier management is composed of the usual complainers.

This is a program that calls for presidential directives, such persons should be jettisoned. I know the guy actually but not closely enough.

The channels of communication by most subcounty youth officers is wanting, they have the usual suspects attending the empowerment programs and they don’t go outside their way to bring in other youths who might not be in the know.