Sob Story

There is this girl who was dumped or dumped her man child. Huyo boy alimuacha akaanza kukula single mother.

Anyway, the girl is very distraught about it. She has been my friend for some time now. After hearing her story I’m just trying to get slices as much as I can.

Ni mrembo na ninajua nisipopata slices saa hii hatawahi nipea. I’ll keep you posted on the progress

Jingah! Hakuna kitu umesema hapa

Look here Makamas, next time you have something to say, say it in full. Usikuje na hekaya za ovyo zenye hazina miguu.

That’s just a declaration of intent.
Kindly come back and post your hekaya after the act complete with evidence.

coomer nyoko ghasia takataka kumbaff,story nusu nusu tutafanyia nini sasa?

Kama hujakamua wacha hekaya mingi

The moon is very beautiful. I’m planning to go there very soon.