So You Want To Be a Member of Parliament

Bila 10M bare minimum sahau hiyo kiti. Forget about the unicorns like John Paul Mwirigi. Naona hapa in 2017 they spent between 15M and 30M. Money is just half of the equation. You will also need good public speaking skills (preferably in both English and vernacular) but you MUST be a good orator in vernacular. Politics is a VIP casino…high stakes, high risk, and high reward.

In some places hio 30m haitoshi…I believe any constituency in Nairobi and kiambu would require a much higher figure than that…hata mca zingine hapa nairobi will need a much higher figure than 15m

True. That’s why nimesema bare minimum for a solid campaign.

20:36 Ati the money is irrecoverable. :D:D

Ati they do it to serve, they dont do it for the money…

What a pile of horse manure. These guys dont even spend that much. After tshirts and caps are printed huwa wanaruka story. Refusing to pick the printer’s phone. This right here is a good discussion because it is where corruption is born.

The trick with campaigns is to spend the bulk towards the end. Otherwise your henchmen just Scam you. I know a senator who didn’t spend that much. 3-4m. By now anyone with the intentions to run should should have done his door to door. Money alone cannot rescue you. All the constituents should have shaken his hand and know his name personally by now. Otherwise you have no chance.

Hakukosangi unicorns. Normally you won’t expect to spend such a tiny sum for a job that could make you at least 100M by the time you are done. Your senator was a unicorn.

Unicorns plus he did a lot of groundwork. Literally 5 years.

I would use that amount to fix the elections.

Who is eating or will eat the money, does the economy feel the cash flow, do some people make a fortune from the contestants? Apart from handouts, posters t-shirts who else makes money from the runners?

Which County?


Word on the street is that Jubilee spent over 7 billion for last year’s presidential elections. It is very serious business at the top. This means the man from Sugoi has at least a 7B war chest for the oncoming elections as the bare minimum.

The guy from Turkey and 15B scandal was Sugoi-man trying to access his money for campaigns. Isn’t it weird that the scandal came about exactly one year before the elections?? Ni injury time and Sugoi-man needs to make a large withdrawal.

The Turkey guy is just a media hype. Politicians keep their money spread amongst various people. I have been around politicians and they have homeboys that bring them money. For example he can go to an event with very little. He will make a call and a business associate will show up with 2 m at the end in a gym bag. It’s all pre arranged of course. He has his cash plus the people he gave tenders or “well wishers”.

Mine is just speculation. You obviously know better from your circles. What do you think the 15 billion figure was for??

It’s just a figure. But no doubt Ruto is preparing for a run.

Tafuta Ksh.20m patia Raila 10,Ruto 10 za campaign na ungoje tenders after elections.

The main reason all those mps are loyal to Ruto is because between 2013 to 2017, Ruto shared multi-million dollar projects with them when he was in charge of government.

The deal was “I will give you a big government project to grease your pockets, and you will support me in 2022”.

For instance, Mithika Linturi’s construction company was awarded the tender to expand a hospital facility in Bomet. He made a lot of money from that project alone, and Ruto got a lot of kickbacks.

It’s all about the money: who gets what.

Also, most Jubilee mps won 2017 elections with the help of Ruto.

Yes, they spent campaign money but it was HQ (Ruto’s office) that decided if they got into parliament through nominations, voter manipulation, election rigging and other technicalities.

On the hand, Uhuru is not generous with sharing government resources and tenders with mps. Anawacha mps wakauke. That’s why a lot of mps shifted to Ruto’s brigade.

Btw, that Turkey guy was being used by Ruto to launder money through Uganda. Sio speculation.

Wakiingia first order of business ni kubadilisha simu and putting 10 gatekeepers that you have to go through to reach them. :D:D

Hiyo 20M use it to run for MP instead.

Hehe I know a guy who did exactly this though he’s now late. Gave musalia, Raila and uhuru. Raila got the biggest share…also funded mombasa governor generously

Wahindi do this all the time.