So you wandaaaa why you find ladies watching strippers in Liddos, Bavon and other strip clubs

It is because they are also there looking for Lanyes to smash just like you… Out here we have quite a huge number of working class ladies who “dinya dinya” small girls in whichever or whatever way they do it.

These ladies are on dating sites like Tagged picking girls for hookups and are very controlling to such young girls. Unapata kadem kadogo kameingizwa box and turn to be a bitch for this other bitch. They are more controlling and fierce than dudes on their bitches.
So kama jamaa usidhani wewe ndio hua unadinyana pekee yake, iko wanawake who have got game in picking young yellow yellow bitches and making them their bitches :joy::joy::joy: in fact they take good care of them than we can as dudes.

Soko imekua ngumu aisee, we have to up our game as men. But at the end of it all, these leles end up looking for a simp to settle down with and have kids together when they realize their time in the streets is coming to an end.


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Wacha zako kaka ni lino sokonya umalaya ikawa ngumu. After the COVID pandemic malaya wameongezeka sana (we have more lanyes then customers ratio 10 lanues to 1 dude) mpaka nyanya muzee @TrumanCapote anauza her wrinkly ass pale otc


Hakuna mtu hukua ruthless na manzi yake kama Husband Lele…they know the whoring and narcissistic personalities of their spouses, and they keep them in check; sio na vita ata, lakini na psychological manipulation.

Ukiona umekwama na mwanamke, especially nyinyi watu wa “Fear Women”, consult Husband Lele akuonyeshe vile kucheza ki P-I-M-P…ama alternatively and simply, Grow A Pair!


lesbian relationships have the highest domestic violence rates


Iv been discussing this with an elder on tiktok.

Na let me tell you maina. Hawa lanye wamejaa kwa streets kama siafu

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There’s one i witnessed…slap slap, deep tongue kissing, alafu, slap slap kick, deep tongue kissing. Hehehehehe freakiest shid ive ever witnessed.


Lete hekaya elder. Umebafuliwa dem by another bitch? :green_emoji:

Elder wachana na porno


there’s a pub mtaani owned by a Jike Dume, a 40-something lesbian tomboy. she employs extremely pretty gals here, lakini lazima awapitishe “interview” ndio wapate job. ukimpea compe kwa hawa staff wake anakuban kwa hio club.
i have sampled like 3 of her exes na wote wanasema huwa wanabomolewa mbaya na strap-ons, even kwa SIM2


:green_emoji: :green_emoji:

:joy::joy::joy: Hapana but sometime back i got into a situation with a bitch who happened to be a bitch of another bitch


Seems it’s all about power projection, sioni utamu hapa hawa malesbian wanaenjoy


Lesbians amaze me. Wanasema they do women only alafu they go ahead and start fucking each other using strapons. Sasa what satisfaction do you get ukitumia strapon?


in sex there’s a personal line you have to you can’t go beyond it. ukivuka hio line even once, everything goes. all your dignity and self worth goes out of the window. so once a woman decides to be lesbian, or a guy becomes gay, they’ll do anything for pleasure



How did play out to the end? Leta hekaya elder