So the guy who leaked nudes did it for money? He has done it to other women

As you all know, Udaku haitaki uzembe. Dury za kuamini ka has unearthed the poster of the Georgina Njenga nudes. It’s now emerging that he was in KU details zote zimepatikana including ID details of the said Dan.

Other women who dated him are being blackmailed to pay him 200 dollars or he leaks their nudes. What I am still trying to understand is why take nudes or have your nudes taken by so called boyfriend or even husband for that matter. Hii mambo ya ku record uchi ilitoka wapi?

Ladies please be careful these chimpanzees are making a living out of extortion for nudes. I keep telling y’all that a black man is a very dangerous beast. Don’t give him the weapons to destroy your life. Handle with a lot of care bcz you are dealing with mentally unstable people. If you start doing well, settling down if you can avoid your exes knowing what you are doing in life and also even if you bump into them avoid being social to them. Especially these our chimpanzees of ours who are desperados won’t want to see you prosper or moving on from him and finding happiness.

Unajua when you are dealing with any animal you have to be careful. Otherwise utaona maajabu. Even when dating you must have limits. Ukikubali kila kitu anakuambia ufanye you will have problems later after you have moved on. Just understand that you dodged a bullet and that demon of destruction is still lurking around to spoil your life.

Especially these our Blackies sio watu, hawana utu -shaitani mkubwa, hawana, imagine unaexpose nudes to a lady over 7 months pg, huyo ni Mchawi who wants you to get stressed and miscarriage.

When I tell you that the devil is a black man see for yourself. God forbid.

young generation wameingiwa na tabia za kishetani.

Stop being lazy, blaming things that cannot defend themselves. Ni kukosa akili ya kuona mbele.

Ingia kwa mtandao uone kama utapata young generation ya Malawi na Morocco wameanika uchi wao kila mahali. ii kukosa akili ya kuona mbele inaletwa na nini?

Yes its a worldwide thing not just Kenya.Btw have you ever lived outside Kenya?Kenyan women are actually more reserved when it gets to sexual matters.Hapa Tz and Ug nudes za even older celebs and politicians hutembea kutembea.South Africa nudes ni mingi kuliko selfies.

A country that abandoned its role of nurturing the young. We give lip service to matters of youth development.

wanazitafuta hadi huku

Leteni X-Ray images. Elder hana time ya kuingia Twiter

Wee shosh…tucha ona mkundu wa huyo Georgina… explanation mingi hatutaki.

I got zero sympathy for anyone whose nudes are out there…

People do stupid things when young. I am not going to judge anyone bcz they sin differently

You silly chimpanzee, there is no explanation I’m making. I’m just warning women to never get comfortable with a chimpanzee and trust chimpanzees wholeheartedly.

AAll these women who end up dead, in jail, nudes leaked, have their kids killed by bitter exes saw the same happen to other women but were like my chimpanzee would never do that, those are psychos. Only for the same thing to happen to them.

Men can’t take rejection. If you want to see Satan in the flesh abandon a man, even if he is the cause, he will still hate you and look for ways to destroy your life if he can. So just avoid flaunting your new relationship, your getting pg for another man and generally try to disappear. Do your things chini ya maji. Even if the guy appears to have moved on. The possessiveness doesn’t end bcz he has someone else in his life. Just keep off coz you are dealing with something that isn’t even human. It’s a demon. It’s out to destroy. Leaving a relationship is very dangerous for women. Most women in abusive relationships are killed when they are trying to leave the man key.

KKuingia harusi kutoka Matanga. Don’t get over excited with the love bombing stage ujisahau hadi unavulia mwanaume nguo or you move in together or have his kid. Narcissistic injury will make these psychos do shit that is straight out of a horror movie. Hayawan ni Hayawan too. A chimpanzee is a chimpanzee at the end of the day. Don’t get it twisted bcz they are in the love bombing stage it’s just a way to get you to trust them then bam all the psycho Ness will come out after you have taken the bait and they have trapped you. Toroka mama. Toroka. Hawa shaitan wasikufunge macho to their true evil nature. At the end of the day your safest bet is uzalie wazungu and stop dealing with chimpanzees for good and focus all your energy on your kids. They will give you the best return on your investment than these chimpanzees who lure you with fake love and promises then end up destroying your life. If chimpanzees are good people we would not have more than 75% of married women having ulcers that they acquired in the marriage /relationship. Nobody is stopping you from loving even Satan himself if you want to but just take precautions to avoid predispositing your self to their pychoness and more so if you have kids.

BBoss wacha ni kublock coz naona hatuelewani.

@TrumanCapote :

Nude pics and video clips end up in Social Media due to Malice and Bad Choices …

  • Why and for what purpose would a genuine Lover need your Nude pics and clips for …???

  • What happens when that material is compromised , abused or published with malicious intent …???

Gentlemen and Gentle Ladies NEVER Kiss and Tell … :D:D:D

Your Nude pics are safe with me … :D:D


That’s what they all said.

Mary Lincon is a twice married mum of three big daughters…not a young girl.

This does not apply to this case. He took advantage of a minor by taking those photos or video

Which minor. Alikua of age.
Huyu dem hakua na tattoos & piercings 2 years ago ata .
That weird couple was my neighbor in Ngumo.