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Huyo ni @johntez addi gaza msafi akitaka ku mug msee,kikaumana

Facial reconstruction was underway .Tandika mtu hadi ang’orote

Blacks are a cursed race. How do you beat your fellow, he’s already passed out na bado ,you’re still on it.

Mazee it’s always blacks. Even the women fighting it’s always blacks. The only tool in their toolbox is a hammer. Every dispute is solved with violence. A pathetic culture kusema ukweli.

KDF soldiers and police wengi kenya hawajui vita …ask me coz nikiwa campo we would fight KDF in trained fighting championships and they would embarrass themselves vibaya sana , bunduki ndio huwapea nguvu , without it anyone can finish them , kazi ni kutomba malaya na kukunywa tu … zero discipline to even workout !

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]Sasa juu mlipigana na KDF kadhaa ukaona wewe ni champe?
Wacha bangi boss

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]What about the whites using black babies as… never mind, a coon is a coon

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Kuja na hizo blackbelts zako na mimi na mathogothanio zangu tuone nani ataumia


Kweli. A typical soldier or cop akiwa leave ama mkutane akiwa pekee yake bila gun ama crew take then umwambie mwonane mundu khu mundu hawezi kubali.


From experience , a cop trained to professional level hujaribu ku-reason na watu , wenye najua wanajua proffessional fight wako very disciplined & most are learned / smart … without discipline , the instructor kicks you out to avoid having blood in his hands , most instructors advice students to not use violence . So pia ukiona karao antumia violence , jua huyo most likely unaeza maliza… ni gun ndio inawapea kiburi… ukinyanganya yeye gun he is a fool waiting to have his pride punctured …bure sana !

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People need to understand where th U.S nigger has come from.

This video by Dr Joy DeGruy phd made me understand stuff like multi generational trauma and it effects 5min

It also gives some insight into the way and why e.g the word bonobo is used by .ke negroz on ktalk. I.e the mindset behind it.

More detailed VIDEO of same topic 1:30MIN;list=PLePFb3rlFbw7i6bPsmr61Gud87r9GsSUN;t=0

In the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s it was the Italians fighting each other and dying in the streets of NY and Chicago,what caused the violence?Post traumatic slave syndrome?In the late 19th century and early 20 century it was the fighting Irish. Was it some post-Irish Famine Traumatic Stress?

I once beat up six cops who had come to arrest me and the ocpd had to come personally to arrest me

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