So Njeri was Mukundis second wife and he had 2 kids in the states?

Ladies hii biashara ya kukuwa 2nd wife and or marrying divorcees is just putting out a welcome mat for the devil. Having a 10 year affair with a married man, no wonder they weren’t getting kids, he had been sterilized by his Belgian sugar mummy who later left him, this shit never ends well. What God puts together let no one put asunder. Pole to Njeri family she was their only child

Story doesnt add up. She says he has 2 kids with a Belgian lady who went back home. So where does States come in. Home is Belgium. Then she says he got together with the Belgian lady when he was struggling financially. But says he is from a wealthy family. So how was he struggling? Then she claims he was sterile. I think what she means is that he had a vasectomy. So how then did he get her pregnant?

Any time a couple doesnt have children, rumors just start flying.

He was sterilized after getting kids with his wealthy junguu. Lemme look for my sources kwa ground pale Kiambu

Si tutaona hao watoto kwa mazishi tu ama we just wait for his obituary.

Mzungu may not release them, it’s like they’ve been separated for long. Huyu jamaa kweli hakua na future and the second wife just did what she needed to do coz mwanaume tasa and she was 30 could not stay with no kids if she wanted kids of her own.

Waste of Good Pu*ssy …