So Mama Mzee Kama Shebesh Anajua Kunyonya Mboro

Nah man. Ni vile Sonko anakuanga alpha sana na bitches can’t resist that shit.
Ni kama manzi mwenye anaact overly-sexual. Niggas can’t resist that shit either.
Men and wom*n can both be pathetic simps. It’s well-documented throughout history.

luhya men are bitch ass niggas! luhya women have scary faces

Very true. They can scare you. I used to work with one and she was so masculine she would dare guys to fight with her. I remember once during a party organised by our boss how a guy danced too close to her as we drunk into the night. She held his balls and squeezed them so violently such that the guy cried like a kid.