So, Love is really Blind?.....

– They were sharing the same ‘honey pot’ …Huku Nairobi mlisema tuogope cousins.

Photo of Marylinn Marion Ouma who IDA ODINGA’s bodyguard Barrack Otieno was fighting over when he was shot and killed by COLLINS Okundi

[B]Franco Sergius
Hio ni ujinga,honey pots ziko all over[/B]

Esther Sarange
Wote watatu wamemiss utamu,Moja jail ,mwingine 4 corners,mwingine ameogopwa sana!!
Ni heri kuibiana polepole Ako kanyama na uzuri hakaishi!!!

Detector Sorgenfrei Oliver Oziambor
My wife always makes me laugh
She said my landlord is not Circumcised.
Funny Woman!

A man talked of how he was happy when his lover introduced him to people she said were her relatives including a male cousin.

Then he realized later he had been dating a woman and her boyfriend…

He said they used to go out with the alleged male cousin alongside his lover and never suspected anything.


It was when he went to fix TV cable for a man that happened to be his lover’s cousin only to find her there in a compromising position.

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[B]Hiii ndio nambianga watu wacha kupea mtu love original enda kwa cyber toa photocopy
umpee ubaki na original in case of anything hautaumia saana, unaoga na unarudi soko[/B]

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