so long, kenyatalk!

this will be my last post.

ktalk has been a place you can say whatever you want. I’m grateful to the owners of the site for that.

Most of my earlier posts were bad, and consisted of drunken ramblings and trolling attempts. The later ones have been however well-received.

Before I go I’d like to share one of my favourite posts.( )

There was also another one titled, “a woman never marries her first choice” but I cannot trace it. I consider it my finest piece.

Sayonara, fuckers.

It’s been real phaggot

Village idiot kesho u will miss tagging nd sweeping @Jimit akuna mahali unaenda… pambana na PNC polepole

Enda ukuje na alternate handle @AndyLLB

You sound suicidal

Piss off you twat

so tukupikie ugali ama?

shenzi sana @Tauren enda ukatombewe mbele