So Kenya Talk..Would you hit it?

You will never be as manly as some bitches I tell ya. I wonder what some of y’all would do if this was your wife

Hatukilikanga vindu

Take this to your girlfriend. We don’t crit unless ni crick.

Vile @mukuna amesema

No I can’t hit that rink[ATTACH=full]111683[/ATTACH]

Don’t worry. No malware. No keylogger. Just a buff bitch with a clit the size of your son’s dick.

Weeeee ndio unaangalianga dicks za watoi wa watu

Akanyal crick

Vile wamesema hapo juu

sisobola, sinyala tawe.

Sigwes crick priss


Ati tu-Crick ?

Tutaclick mtondogoo.


Mimi owes click bila clit

we drive traffic here not aware from here. jingatype.

we nah click mon same way we nah bleach

Nimekrik ni upuss