So its tribal laws now ee ?




First Nation is very biased in the way it puts out the two stories. Obvious.

Watu watakula sumu ya ubumbaff yao.
Tukisema watu waache ukabila, tunamaanisha, tutasaidika sisi sote ukabila ukiisha. Manake, no one has the monopoly of perpetrating tribalism.

Otherwise ile itabaki ni vile bingwa husema, Kila Mtu akule kwao. Tutashare Nairobi pekee.

People looking for formal employment will suffer, the business community won’t relate.

Nilisema na Moi pia akasema huu ugatuzi ni ukabila tupu. And I voted no to the new consitution.

Am past 70% …but wait how did the nation report the two???

These tribal laws will be tough.

We don’t need research to know the work ethic of coastal people. We also don’t need research to know work ethic of Kiambu folk.
They are called stereotype for a reason. More often than not they are true.

Are these laws consistent with the bill of rights? I suspect it would be difficult or even illegal to implement such backwards thinking legislation.

they also say blacks are lazy and dumb

weh, with this i meant specifically ‘kuma’

What I’m saying is you need a good mix of employees. Too many of one tribe in your business will be bad.

They are very consistent with the constitution a minimum of 30%. Nzamba Kitonga for you.

And you know that’s an autopilot to genocide. Cementing tribalism to the core . If the president of Kenya can’t stand to this then I pity days that are coming ahead . People will Have to go back to where they came from especially those displaced by homeguards

Uhuru has to tell these governors off. Utakuta so called intellectuals supporting this

Please allow us to misquote you.

That’s all well and good in public institutions but does the same apply to private business? The law is not my field of expertise.

We shall have to leave that for the courts to interpret.

Fair enough

Uko na yako?

Kisumu is doing 98% na hawasumbui

uko na yangu

Kisumu Governor has already moved on to lmplementation of these so called tribal laws starting with a committee to ensure locals are hired at EABL plant. But Nyani hazioni kundule.