So it was the work of the midget?

Waking up to realities of tano tena that these are same thugs that will terrorize us for next 5 years

Nabongo siku hizi umenyaza ama ulipata kibarua Kwa ofisi ya echesa?

He’s preparing a dossier on Jubilee development. Bw. @spear, we appreciate what Jubilee is doing and the efforts you make to keep us updated on the same.
Lakini pia, alot is not well in our beloved country.


No baba , niko tu .hakuna kitu ya maana these days to comment on. I patrol threads na ni pussy this pussy that . Young boys sexually starved exposing their sexual frustrations here. The likes ya akina @mayekeke ,@vuja de aren’t that active too. .otherwise inaenda ingoo when. I need ingokho

Am a free thinking individual not held in bondage by tribe or political affiliation.
If something is wrong it doesn’t matter whether the perpetrator is my tribe mate, in Jubilee or the opposition.


my schoolmate kule easich high,his father was one time council man,managed to grab that land at the corner of kenyatta and moi avenue.baba na mtoto ni majangili:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Poa sana.

In some Eastlands hood, this are the guys who have made it.

Wanajengwa wapewe kibarua.

Huwa zimemchenga inabidi atulie tu.


Hapa brathe u are using wrong term it supposed to be akili finyeee

Sonko’s finest eating like hogs.

A new boogeyman is now not PS Kibicho, but someone else according to Sonko. It can’t get more stupid for the loser.

If John wick " babayega" was a real character to clear this crap.


Rotten society