So it was the work of the midget?

If it wasn’t for the media keeping up pressure on the issue, this midget and his thugs would have got away scot free.

that midget is a thug. ali grab pia some prime plot near T-Mall

Mutu aipigilie na nyundo kama msumari ya kiatu iingie kwa ground ipotelee huko.

The thugs that ‘the police can’t find’[ATTACH=full]169727[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]169728[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]169729[/ATTACH] were at a wedding last Saturday with none else than the Governor himself and posed for photos to rub it in.

Gov Sonko is no good. He should resign today

Sonko na akili yake ndogo atadai ni photoshop

:D:D:D:D:D, bandit nation. He is copying Rao’s modus operandi.

He specialized in stolen cars and dismantling them to get parts huko Bahati. ION Apostle Ng’ang’a has won his case.

No. He is playing like a script off Gotham. You wanna beat a pig, get in the mud too

Hii nchi iuziwe wachina tu.

hehe and that land ali convert ikue car yard. after some time kulikua na makesi mob he closed the car yard and fenced it off with a concrete perimeter wall gate ikafungwa

Cash Money tings…no one can ferk wityu

Maathais kwani umekuwa mzalendo siku hizi?

Mbona midgets husumbua hivi?

watu wata acha usocialite

Insert raspy ‘spiritual’ voice.

He can no longer take it in. The d!ck gets bigger by the day. Kijana mwerefu huyu, hataki kupasuka kwenye mwarada.

If you are going to hire thugs, hire smart ones! Violence is not necessary if you can accomplish your goal without it. If the dumb effs had read the statement being read, they’d have said ‘haidhuru, endelea’. Maybe they can’t read… And then got their faces plastered all over the news… Shit like that will make you believe in Jesus!

Tano tena

Bwana development programme kuja kidogo @spear mbona hizi threads wewe hulenga?