So hii beberu ilikuwa drug dealer!

Last year, before one feminist Ktalk moderator banned my account, I posted a thread about this Tiktok couple of a white corny guy & an sixteenish-looking underage nyeuthi. Turns out the guy is a wanted drug dealer involved in a 2.2 tons of cocaine consignment in Belgium.


Ati 2 tons? Bana acheni kuexxagerate iyo karibu ifikie ligi ya kina El Chapo

40 year old Jamaa amemumunya pre wall for 3 years bila kusumbua mtu. Acha arushwe Guantanamo atulie na akina El chapo wenzake.
He had all the hallmarks of a drug dealer lakini.

mara ya kwanza nifungue ticktok niliona hilo jitu na hako kadem
kumbe jamaa ako wanted interpol:D:D:D:D

Jimit chokora ya kariandusi mines niaje

Banae! Wakenya have been numbed to the magnitude of numbers. Hata kwa keg joint utasikia watu wakitaja million and.billion fwaa.

Shwari sana mpigaji ngeta

that girl can’t be older than 22

Ndio nasoma article, she’s 22. Meaning they married when she was 17.
Anyway, she has beautiful eyes and a disarming smile.
I wonder kako pande gani ya Mombasa, she must be feeling lonely.

When X tonnes of drugs are busted in .ke, and connected to Mr. Z, that in itself doesn’t mean that Mr. Z is necessarily the owner, mostly, Mr. Z role is to oversee the safe passage of the shipment when it lands in .ke.
Mr. Z is also reliable for any loses incurred in his territory.

She looks 18 at most

Poverty is a bad thing. That kid can’t be a daughter of a respectable person. She is beautiful but her desperation probably pushed her to the drug barons.

I’d imagine most likely she didn’t at first know he’s a drug baron. I’m only assuming, but if I was a drug dealer, I wouldn’t go around telling underage girls. She saw a white man and her inner @TrumanCapote kicked in.

The most unfortunate part is that she was underage when they met

Kenya inakuwanga playground ya drug dealers na washwash international conmen , na not ordinary ones wale wanapiga deals za billions . Kenya is a transit country so mabakshishi ndio huwa zinabaki huko mombasa . Kenya being a poor country people cant afford those expesive drugs but naonanga ni kama politicians have a pact with those guyz not to sell locally in bulk

Jaluo Kijana Handsome. You like my avi?