So Genius Ruto Wants To Add Taxes On Salaries That His Corrupt Govt Can't Even Pay On Time?

Who advises this fool? My guess would be Gachagua. After the National Budget has been read wait for endless strikes from Civil Servants. Mark this thread we will revisit it in July.

They need to bring down the wage bill. Alot of funds go to wage bill. Little to none goes for development. How would a country develop that way?

Bringing down wage Bill is not an option and not when there’s inflation.

Teachers and doctors already have govt on notice; expect extreme go slow on counties too though their union KCGWU is as useless as they come.

BBi iliangusha Uhuru Ruto atajitega na Financial Bill

Myth. Most of the money is stolen.

This is what people are not seeing. The current administration knows that it’s not likely to win the next election so they are just fleecing mwananchi in every way they can…

Liwe liwalo wakenya lazima tuingize ruto ligi ya dynasty

You underate the stupidity of a typical kenyan voter
KK will win by a landslide in 2027


We are fixing the handshake

Mimi nangoja kumi ya Gachagua, kenya will be the Dubai of Africa

Gachakua is a worse liar than jambas. Mtakua mkiambiwa “unga ni 70 bob depending on where you buy it” yet it will be retailing at 750 by that time…

Jskslenyeluwere wants more tax to feed his cronies

Kumi feshi