So called bro code

Men can not be trusted even by their fellow me. Pole bro but it’s the nature of men.

Fisi ni fisi tu, atakula nyama ukimwachia. Don’t blame the fisi, blame the gamekeeper.

The way I can’t even date my friends relatives? I feel it’s so wrong. 2 sisters is too much. This could have led to death if this was a meru guy.

Women have needs

Guys always try, it’s part of the natural makeup of a man. Some guys will flirt with you, sometimes with intent, sometimes just for the fun of it. If he’s unscrupulous and she falls for it she gets chewed. But not all the time of course, some men still respect close relations and friendships. Just that the temptation can get real, and it does happen. Know the nature of your friends, that’s all.

Are you IMF? How many men here solicit me to satisfy their needs, should I go around doing so ati bcz men have needs. That is not the excuse to do the wrong thing.

Throwing away a lifetime friendship over lust?

Some very serious mistakes are committed through sex. I’m sure you remember not so long ago a case of some two friends who ate and drank together then one shot the other after arguing over a woman.

Yes. I do. I guess that’s the umpteenth reason not to have sex with people who you are not married to.

I think sex is the one aspect of human life that appears simple at a glance, but it’s actually very complicated and extremely selfish. Have you ever wondered how come humans have always exhibited the fiercest aggression when it comes to mating rights, and are willing to kill or die over them? Even married men and women would kill over sex, yet they don’t own the person.

Its about the ownership. Nothing more.

It’s probably deeper from a psychological perspective than just ownership, coz that physical ownership of the person is shortlived. If we interpret the act of sex from a primitive angle, it is more about exerting power over someone else, almost like an act of rebellion and revenge against society by forcefully taking something nice from Life itself–if we were to see the womb as the seat of life. In other words, having victory over that which Life (through culture and laws) denies you. This is the secret pleasure of taking a woman one knows belongs to another man. It is a personal triumph against moral law.

This issue of possession is there even in a sexual relationships like son mom or brother sister or daughter father. You don’t want any one messing around with your mom sis or daughter.

The funny thing is that when you are not possessive the thrill of cheating isn’t there bcz your partner has no needs to escape your possession once in a while.

When I was still dating I realized that the less possessive you were the more power you have. Possessiveness connotes inferiority. The more you focus on a person the less they think of you.

Men usually get angry when they Realize that they can’t possess a woman especially her uterus even if her biological clock is on its tail end and men think it’s a slam dunk. Society has made men entitled to women’s bodies and uteruses. Those who deny men acess are vilified and demonized for rejecting subjugation through sex and child bearing. Thankfully women now have choices unlike before where a woman had no options.

Food for thought