Why is it that once you snitch you are hated forever. I know of guys who snitched on fellow students when we were in form 1/2 and to date no one trusts them. It’s like once you snitch you become an outcast. Most of their lives they were kinda loners, in campus still we people would not befriend them even in those little reunions nobody was willing to invite them, wao huona tu picha Facebook/whatsapp.


What an interesting topic for this forum, jirani calls gashwin a snitch, lakini yeye ndio outcast, are rules here different?

It takes a strong man to call out evil at the risk of getting ostracized.

@Deorro nasio wewe ??? kuuliza tu.

In social settings I think it deals with trust and once it’s broken you have to find a new social circle. It’s like if one of your boys tells your girl he saw you with another chic(some ninjas get jealous)and you found out it was him that snitched, I doubt anyone that knows what he did can remain friends with the guy since there is a chance he will do it again.

Vita ya watu wawili mimi siingiliani

There’s a guy alikuwa prefect mtiaji, he made several guys to get expelled. The snitch tag followed him mpaka campus.

Umama tupu! My apologies to all mamas…Seriously you and your clique of “mean girls” should grow the eff up. Vitu zilihappen like 10 years ago na bado mko na grudges. If they apologized forgive and move on!!

Kuna mmoja saa hizi tumemamliza shule na bado he has the snitch tag.

In campus kuna boy alikuwa close na lecturer fulani, sasa kuna time watu walidiss huyo lec kwa group ya whatsapp ya class, lec akasema word by word vile alitusiwa kwa class. Kila mtu alimgeukia, he had an uphill task trying to prove his innocence

Vile umeambiwa, trust issues…

Haha trust issues my foot… as a form 1/2…what do you know about trust?? :D:D Kama ulifanya makosa shuleni na ukastakiwa that guy played a role in your character development. Thank him for being an upstanding citizen and for upholding the rules.

Huyo akikupata unacheat on wifey atakimbia aambie bibi

Na hiyo ni vita kweli au ni Upuss?

Hakuna…you’re extrapolating umama…that was then …ya bibi ni issue ingine. As you mature you will discover people you thought were your friends were not. Stop allowing the group to think for you and develop authenticity of thought.

Mimi sijui. Nikifika home nipate jirani anagombana na bibi, mimi hufungua keja, kuingia, kufunga mlango na kuweka muziki yangu. Hayo mengine, hayanihusu

Anabahati kama all he got was being ostracized.Kwetu walikuwa wanahama shule.

Snitching is not good for your health. That is all.

Madam si wewe ni mkali bane

In our high school we had this brotherhood kind of mentality ungethani sisi wote ni wa baba mmoja. Someone would rather go for suspention than snitch on another,even if you had grudges with the guy. one wouldnt even snitch out your own bully,not even a form four would snitch out a form one.the brother hood mentality was one of a kind that Even out there,for example, if a form two sees a mono he bullies at school being harrassed by a guy from another school he will stand up for him and even mobolise other school mates if need be. If you felt you are being bullied too much at school you dont go to a teacher to report it,you go to a friend in higher classes and ask him to talk to your bully,esp a friend of your bully.