Snitches Get Stitches


Huku tz our shilling is taking a serious hit ffs…16.5 is the latest buying price of the kshs

my body is the temple of God siwes jidunga hizo takataka. [SIZE=1] gibleys tu ya KEBS ya Njiriaini kiasi [/SIZE]

With exception of your anus , najua hio shimo umeitumia vibaya na ni temple ya @kanguthu

NIkiwa driving school some years ago i used to have an instructor. Nlikuwa nmdeiva kuendesha gari so by my 2nd class i stroke a deal with the guy.

Badala ya kuenda round ya 10 minutes around ngong road we agreed with him namplipa 200 and he’d allow me to drive all the way to a place known

as little Nigeria. I’d stop outside as he went to source his dawaz. He’d come back witha small black sachet approx 1g of yellowish powder, which he

later told me is crack. We’d stop over near Nai Uni. I’d have my blunt there and he would proceed roll his shitty weed laced with this thing. Many times

i’d offer him my very good shash but akasema it doesn’t cut it for him. Without smoking this dawa the guy used to be super edgy. A bit of an

expensive habit as he’d use close to 500 daily. Cool guy but i pitied him.

What was the yellowish powder?

Mujiiinga. Si amesema ni crack

500 per day its not sustainable na hii uchumi . but from my research 70% of kenyans aged 16 to 35 smoke bhang

99 percent of americans smoke bhang

Is that’s why your eyes are quietly moving away from each other?

ndio maana unashangaa mtu unamuunganishia deals and he keeps messing up, sababu ndio hii

2023-05-23 - 20-26-12 - What Percentage of Americans Smoke Marijuana-.png

Tuseme Nairobi and Coast sina habari ya places ya cendro, north eastern etc. Ningesea about 50pc ya io age group lakini

Naseketanga mama @uwesmake ndiasa halafu ananilipa 20k na pesa ya penshen

Hii ni ile madawa ya kulevya Alehadro @Benn Dover alikuwa analilia?

Mi siwezi tumia crack bwana. When hit 75 years old I will start shooting heroin.


Opioids are much safer for over 75. Doctors can still prescribe opioids as part of end of life care since there is no risk of life long addiction. Ata ukiwa addicted haina shida

Kuingiza hio deek yako imeoza kwa ndiasa ya @kanguthu is where you draw the line ghassia

It will kill you