Sniper democracy

I hope and pray that someone will not strategically place his snipers to snipe out a couple of his own who will attend the event…guess who will be blamed… Ok or mayb He may do as he pleases with his damnable fools who will attend but let him tell his snipers to spare innocent children playin on balconies from the 12th game of thrones season’s finale. This shit aint funny. Maybe The chidren being murdered might be his presidential rivals 50+ years to come.

Once again, nothing is going to happen on the 12th except Jamhuri Day celebrations.


Rao is just testing waters

That’s Treason my friend, Uhuruto will not hesitate to charge RAT with it. Am expecting, something unavoidable to come up, that will make RAT jet outside the country.

Bana you need a job or a wife


rao is out of cards , arresting him gives him a lifeline let him dig himself into a bigger mess each time even nyanza leaders will abandon him

hahaha they cant… Walifunukwo

There won’t be any treason charges. Tunajua jamaa wa vitendawili ata swear na maneno zake mwenyewe and it will be past 2pm thanks to shisha ya @pamba and cohorts