Sneaker male

Today I’ve learnt something new. In some fish species, there are some males who look like females. So the bigger males wakipigana who will mate with the female, this sneaker male gets closer to the female unnoticed and does what @cortedivoire does.
Some females evolve, and produce ovarian fluid which makes sperm of the bigger males to swim faster than that of sneaker male but the sneaker male still ends up fertilizing a third of the eggs. Hio saa bigger male thinks it’s mainly him


moral of the story ?

Usikule samaki mbichi Una weza Kula sperms za sneaker male.

Happens in alot of species ! even when big alpha males are fighting esp herbivores a tiny sneaky bastard sneaks in a quick fuck !
but the best i saw was umalaya ya penguins which build their nest using pebbles , they male is left to guard the nest as the lady goes to look for pebbles , kumbe huko kuna single males that have collected pebbles and give them to females for sex, bibi ana rudi ati amepata mawe kumbe ni umaraya !

found the vid

Hwueh. Pia penguin haifugiki




:D:D:D hizi ni gani tena? Delete this shit before @PHARMACY takes a screenshot.

Sneaker male is @poyoloko pretending to be female to trap shemale lovers

bado sijawai elewa jogoo hutomba aje vile mimi hutomba madha ya mkamba mshamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY

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