Snake Cannibalism

This just sounds wrong. I know the python is a different species and was probably invading the indigo’s territory, but snake feeding on snake? That shit’s not cool. By the way, if I ever come across a snake I’m screaming like a lil bitch. Hapa hakuna mambo ya sijui alpha male. Ni kupiga nduru mpaka wamama washangae. Just the thought of these things crawling gives me thithi.

I feel you Bruv Mbio mbaya sana na nduru juu …Alpha Male ni wewe

That black snake is stupid. .very stupid

I mostly work with colors but pia mimi I’ll still call that black

Mimi ni alpha male. Wacha hii Python imalizwe. Zinapenda kula mbuzi na swara

Nature has it’s own checks and balances. Why does it have to eat it alive though ?

kama huyu mjamaa?:D:D:D

Captain my friend, the Indigo is qiute humane in killing, the Kingcobra sinks all its fangs inn, then injects the venom slowly as it holds the other snake, it only releases once the venom has incapacitated its prey, thats why he is Kingcobra, so u want a good feeling, watch Kingcobra vs Mongoose na uone vile mongoose inakula slay queen, u will be relieved, sisi home snakes ziko, if too close just try keeping calm

Nikipatana na snake kwanza naangalia head na macho tu determine if its venom or not…if its not nashika kwa mkono and give it to my dog[ATTACH=full]257324[/ATTACH]

Beautiful clip, snakes are cool… at a distance of course

Meerkats and mongooses don’t give a shit about slithering fools. They make easy food of them.

Honey Badger is one mean mother-shut your mouth

Ati unaangalia kichwa halfu unaipapasa kama mbwa ama unakanyanga kichwa kesi mbele.

Nduru Ni ya nini. Flee in silence

Oh shait! I can’t withstand watching snakes , real ones or in videos. Sjui phobia ntaifanyia nini

wacha hizo man…nobody has time to check those details

Honey badger knows how to deal with them fuckers.There is also a certain eagle that doesn’t give a hoot about them