Snail's pace Inquest: Flynn splits from Drumpf

Flynn splits from Trump.

• Lawyers for Michael Flynn and President Trump [U]are no longer talking[/U], four people involved in the case told us.

It’s a sign that the former national security adviser is either cooperating with prosecutors who are investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, or negotiating a deal with them.

Both Mr. Flynn, an early adviser to the president, and his son, Michael Flynn Jr., are seen as having significant criminal exposure. The White House has said that neither Mr. Flynn nor other former aides have incriminating information to provide about Mr. Trump.

The president has dismissed the idea that Russia interfered in the election, as has President Vladimir Putin. But the focus on election meddling is also criticized in Russia [U]by Mr. Putin’s foes[/U], who say it reinforces his portrayal in propaganda as a master strategist.

Umafi ya US tulisema ukae nayo huko mushienzi wewe

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I liked Flynn, but was too combustible and not suitable for office. Like Boniface Mwangi