Sms when your parcel is sent.

When sending parcels, I’ve noticed that you get an sms informing you that a parcel is being sent to you. Also when you receive, the sender gets a message.

What kind of soccery is this? How is it done?

Jifunze kuconstruct meaningful sentences,
First of which parcel company are you referring to?

Mash or dreamline has such, I see mololine too

A simple parcel handling system can do this, there is no sorcery

How much?

Wanaitisha namba yako ya simu from the sender. Ikitoka sending office wanakutumia hiyo first message. Ikifika collection office wanatuma hiyo ya kufika. Simple as that!

Yes, but is it a software or program they use, are the sms charged by Safaricom or airtel?

No idea, but CA made it compulsory for all parcel services to have tracking systems in place

But not all companies have them, most just track using receipts

Unasumbua sasa…

siutueleze what software they use?

wanaunda custom.
upande wa SMS wanatumia provider kama Africa stalking

Very simple custom system. When the customs guy takes the goods from the sender, they key in the details of the sender and receiver on the system which they sends an automated alert that goods have been removed at our office, then when the parcel gets to the destination, the customs guy on the other end would click a button like “confirm arrival of goods” so the receipient also gets another SMS confirming them that the goods are ready for collection

SMS is also extremely cheap. Kshs 0.8 per SMS. So about Kshs 1.6 for both messages

Imagine your parcel is a prisoner with a magical handcuff. Every time the handcuff changes, the new handcuff owner has to inform the previous handcuffer to release the prisoner publicly. That’s how you get informed about that event.

Dive into programming and go read about event listeners and event handlers also read about API gateway e.g. Africastalking SMS

Inbox nikupe deal.