Smokers and Covid 19

For guys with any kind of respiratory condition it’s a scary time but for smokers, this Covid 19 is like the day of reckoning. I have extensive experience with this because my paternal grandma took tobacco for the longest time and she died of throat and through out the time I knew her she had a crazy chesty cough but she would not quit. I’ve had maternal grand uncle who smoked a pipe. Until his larynx got fried he couldn’t talk without some medical appliance and finally he succumbed to throat cancer. I’ve had close friends, bosses, campus roommates female who were chain smokers and they always had chest problems. So I didn’t need any warning that smoking is terrible for your chest. A few people I knew tried to quit and I found out that quitting smoking is harder than quitting hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. The withdrawals were crazy I was told. I had this friend who was determined to quit the kind of stuff she used to cough out made me think she was dying. I used to tell her, her lungs must be rotten to produce such stuff.

So those still experimenting don’t and those trying to quit, please do it, it’s becoming a matter of life and death now. Otherwise watu wa respiratory problems we pray God will get us through this nightmare and by His grace put Covid 19 behind us for good.