Smoke bhangi and then think you are philosophical.

Hii ni indica. Ndio huwa inafanya mtu aropoke nonsense.

Kamala has a history of abusing bhangi and other mihadarati. Also she sucked a lot of dicks to get to the top of the ladder. In this video she is clearly fucked up on substances.


the only thing you put in your mouth apart from githeri is dick… so STFU

Pastor Otoyo, kwani what happened??? You used to be the Ktalk evangelist.

You used to be so saved in the blood of Jesus Christ.


@Thirimaii did you touch @slevyn Omondi Otoyo sexually and turn him away from the church?

Did you introduce him to alcohol and other worldly pleasures?

Poor fellow,he was trying salvation but earthly tempations swayed him.
I can confirm he is not virgin on both sides.