Smashing Violete

I think by now mshajua Cheating on your wife with me is expensive. You have to spend:
My cab to & from - 2,000 KES
My appreciation - 20,000 KES minimum
Hotel room, Bed & Breakfast - 6,000 KES
Wine or Whiskey Drinks - 15,000 KES
Testing KITS - 1,000 KES
Total = 44,000 just for 1night.

& for this one i assure to lick your D, massage, cum lick, & ride ua D till dhambi zote na mapepo zipotee. Nakupea kila kitu unataka.

Bingwa unasumbua sasa

Its good umekubali wewe ni malaya hii pesa unaitisha 1 night nikienda SJ natomba 55 different nice looking women .Rico or kitale enterprises 97 different women

either the pussy is goldplated ama wewe ni veined tree holder…which is it?

Kwani nikikufuck nacum forever

Thanks for clarifying that. Imnot that cheap hoe that you can finf in every cheap bar in the streets. Pour me respect bby.

Does it include anal? Asking for a friend.

Read my last 2 sentences again doddy. Don’t rush

I don’t do anal. Thank u

My fellow elder senye ni senye tu either expensive ama cheap

U sound like a one minute man with no fuck experience. Shut up

Kanguthu shoga msenge mkuu.

i understand smashing differently so…

Na hujaiva ata

With only 20k nakula Ethiopians wanne na zote ni sleep over

Unachocha ata labda hujui kuosha kuma

44k ,hio si ni coomer enough for three years na nibaki na change ya konyagi nusu after all conquests. Jiiisas!!!

eish, we have heard this for years now. you were not born when “wachana na mpango wa kando” advert was rife. honestly, i have no bee with you, but una-bore kijiji. get some thing else to draw attention with now… unatuchokesha na ibada zako with no value addition to the kijiji

Ati 44k? I am poor nimekubali. Kila la heri!


Thanks for using the word labda.